Eddie wanted desperately to have sex with the hot girl at work, but she had a boyfriend

Eddie got so desperate that he went to her and said, “I will give you $1000 if you let me have sex with you.” The girl looked at him shocked and said, “Hell no!” He said, “I’ll be real quick; I’ll throw the money on the floor, you bend over to get it, and I’ll be finished by the time you’ve picked it up!”

She thought for a moment and told him that she had to ask her boyfriend. So she called him and explained the situation. Her boyfriend says, “Ask the guy for $2000. Pick up the money really really fast, and he won’t even have time to get his pants down!” She agreed and accepts the proposal. 2 hours go by and the boyfriend is still waiting for his girlfriend to call back. Finally after another fifteen minutes he calls and asks, “What the hell happened?!” Heavily panting, she managed to reply, “It’s all in quarters!”

via Eddie wanted desperately to have sex with the hot girl at work, but she had a boyfriend. One day… : funny.

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    repost? i definatly heard this recently.. or at least slightly different

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