Stand the fuck back

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    The horror! The horror!

    I need to read Heart of Darkness.


    He couldn’t have done it… If he did, we wouldn’t be here looking at this picture.


    So THAT’S how you /0.


    O SHI


    Accidently? The whole thing? Mon dieu.


    People are probably going to hate me for this, but I personally have no preference between the two and probably not notice a difference if I was tested


    I hate you for that.


    I know. And I’m sorry. But it’s true. Maybe not for you and a whole shitload of other people, but it is for me


    Interesting. I say that because, unlike most other colas, these two are actually quite different. Most generic colas tend to emulate Coke, and frankly do a pretty good job (they vary in flavor from coke classic about as much as diet coke and coke zero differ). Pepsi, on the other hand, has significantly different sugar levels and other qualities. I agree with you about not caring which one I’d drink (other than I’m off caffeine, so probably neither), but I would think you’d be able to tell.


    I drink both equally, but I drink diet/caffeine-free, so I’m not sure that counts. Pepsi been doing the Throwback thing and hubby and chillens like that. Original Coke V Original Pepsi, Ce was a little sweeter and much more carbonated. I don’t kow if that’s still the case.


    …and out of nowhere comes this:

    I heard that cocaine is made out of coca cola’s innocent children. I’m hoping that this is wrong.. well is it?

    I know that a lot of innocent children are harmed during the making of coke, but to think that cocaine is getting profit out of their teeth is just wrong and makes my feet warm. How are we supposed to protect our children if propane is making profit out of both cocaine and coca cola and the only ones to thank for gas is the children? I’m assuming this is why we’re supposed to tell our kids the tooth fairy exists, so we can give their teeth for cocacola’s cocaine, but how do they get it? I guess the general question is me wondering if cocaine is made out of children’s teeth and if this can be prevented by telling them the truth about the tooth fairy. My son is fifteen now and I think he’s getting suspiscious, I had to take him out of school because his friends were telling him that the tooth fairy wasen’t real, and I’m not going to let my bills pay for what cocaine is doing to our children!

    This is for all the parents out there who don’t want Coca Cola being the new Google!




    What a waste of Coke. Such a shame.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I prefer coke of the two but Jolt in the battery cans is my favorite.

    I drink a lot of coke. It has nutritional value beyond the abilities of mankind’s “science” to comprehend but they are there.


    They still sell Jolt?


    Years ago I discovered that Coke could be used as paint stripper. Not as effective as DOT 3 brake fluid, but it would still bubble the clear coat on the car in auto class.


    Years ago I discovered my gastrointestinal system was not coated with automotive paint, and stopped worrying.


    Damn, I like your answer better.


    So our stomachs can handle stuff that paint can’t? Interesting.


    I’m guessing our stomachs could strip paint too.

    Our TEETH on the other hand… nature did not intend for them to handle concentrated acidic sugar.


    It doesn’t seem like nature intended them to endure for anything like the lifespans an average human can expect in this day & age. Think about it: We get only two sets, one of which is mostly discarded before we even reach full maturity. Why didn’t we evolve the ability to keep growing new sets, like sharks? I can only guess that it wasn’t as vital to our survival. Teeth seem to be built to keep us alive & able to chew our food only just long enough to grow to the point where we start knocking boots & popping out the next generation of snaggletooths, after which our heads might as well be filled with rotting barnacles, as far as nature’s concerned.

    Hope this helps! 😀


    P*psi is the Devil


    Coke is better ice cold, while Pepsi is better at warmer temps.


    Fuck it.I`m a coffee drinker.

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