Pre root canal

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The crown of my tooth cracked on December 14, it wasn’t until January 12th I managed to get to a dentist. I had to get a root canal, here’s what it looked like before the dentist worked on it.

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    Kik Dogg



    Fuck all. A chunk of my tooth broke off the other day, and the fucked up thing is that it was from flossing. From what I can assume it looks just like this.

    I can’t even get a tooth cleaning done without breaking a sweat.

    I’d rather be put to sleep and have them all pulled/replaced before having another cavity filled. I hate that smell of enamel burning and the vibration of the drill ruttering in the base of my skull.

    Malta Soron

    Flossing is for faggots. I never floss and I never had a single cavity.


    Second this


    If you hate the smell of burning enamel then I hope you never get your teeth lasered. I’ve had that done before.


    WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! I don’t even want to know.


    I hate the dentist. I really, really HATE and fear the dentist. I get knocked out for even the most minor treatments. Not even valium can keep me calm enough to deal w/ it. Ditto on the smell (and sound) of drilling into teeth. I worked for a kosher butcher when I was going to school and every time they used that saw to cut meat, the sound and smell was identical to dentist drilling a tooth. I’d leave when he was doing that. I got my first cavity when I was 21, after being pregnant, and it’s been downhill… Read more »


    why is this not NSFW?

    I can handle giant spiders, frighteningly obese men and women, homosexuals, and republicans. Even scary-stupid republican female govenors.. but gross teeth stuff gives me the heebie-jeebies

    (actual medical condition, google it if you don’t believe me)


    Agreed – F*@% you bottlecap for submitting, and F*@% you Tiki for posting.




    I’ve had cavities filled, which doesn’t bother me. What I hate is just the general teeth-cleaning process of the dentist, poking and prodding and scraping. Unnecessarily rough, too. Shoving the metal scraper where it is too big to fit, stabbing my gums, and when it is finally done my mouth hurts and I have to drink lots of orange juice because of the bleeding that the evil bitch hygienist causes. Don’t waterboard terrorists, send them to a dentist.


    i go to Algadones, Mexico to see my dentista nowadays. a root canal is $250 there. crowns are $250, also. i’m about to hit the road on my motorcycle and ride down for my last crown to be installed onto the titanium post i had installed. $800 in Mexico- $2500 here. going to mexico to see the dentista pays for the trip to Mexico. and they specialize in messed up gringo teet and the elderly. i’ve never had better work done, and i’ll never go to another American dentist. ever. i had tow root canals and crowns installed here- $5000… Read more »


    Looks like Casper getting punched in the face