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WAY hotter than you will ever be

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    2.1 -You’re as stupid as a sack of sewing pins!

    10000+ MCS posters have rated you!




    I’am going to apply to be a mod. to erase this fucker from history.


    He was banned. This fucker is like a cockroach. No matter how many you get rid of they keep coming back. 🙁


    They also go snapcracklepop when you step on them.

    TUTU 😀


    interesting you should say that, cos I wish you had no head. That way, we wouldn’t have to see your face eveytime you went on a meth overdose and started believing you’re hot.


    It is popularly suggested that cockroaches will “inherit the earth” if humanity destroys itself in a nuclear war. Cockroaches do indeed have a much higher radiation resistance than vertebrates, with the lethal dose perhaps 6 to 15 times that for humans. However, they are not exceptionally radiation-resistant compared to other insects, such as the fruit fly.[22]

    Yeah, not so immune, just resistant.

    Side note: Casemods = assface


    way to watch mythbusters…


    You beat me to it. lol.


    Immune? Cockroaches are not immune. They can just handle a lot MORE radiation then a human..or actually most anything else. Oh and….you realize make-up is for women right?


    well it was nice while it lasted


    Casemods was probably beaten as a child. He deserved it.


    To be fair, most women must find him hot, yes.
    I just hope he’s brighter in real life than on M[c]S, because otherwise the charm will fade away the second he opens his mouth…


    Most women are superficial idiots, no news there.

    Anyways, I believe this to be shooped. Unless he posts URL, he can go back to suquing dong as far as I’m concerned.

    (Not saying men are better, btw.)


    Hotter than 93% of men on that site? It seems the membership consists only of himself, so great job there.


    Hotter than me? Maybe. It depends on who you ask. Is he Gayer than me…….Without a doubt.


    Right. I had a 9.8 when I was on that site… way back in 2000.

    Who the fuck still uses Hot or Not, or cares past their teen years?


    Lol casemods is top, I find it even funnier how bad the reactions are and the way people will be so immature as to say hes ugly just because they don’t like him – so.. superb post :).


    It’s not hate. Is it hate when you crush a cockroach, and sweep its carcass into the dirt? Is it hate when you give a parasite-ridden dog pills that will kill their worms? No. It is merely brushing aside an inferior form of life to improve the efficiency and comfort of the lives of higher organisms.


    I remember using a comeback like that. I was 5.


    I like how he’s spending his time to downrank everyone’s comments.
    I’ve taken some pleasure in at least undoing that mistake.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Not a fraction as hot as his mom.

    I’m almost sorry I killed her after I humped her face.

    Graham if you want to say bye to your mommy who abandoned you she’s in the dumpster behind the KFC where I first found her.

    Your go ped is up her ass. I rode it right in there.

    Who is this You Know The Rules person you’re talking to?


    So, Case is an annoying douche, no questioning that. But I missed what he did to get his first account banned. Anyone care to enlighten?


    He spammed the forums and left pedocomments. I don’t mean funny pedo comments but trying-to-shock pedocomments. The more people insulted him the more extreme he got.


    You know… I ignored him so completely that I didn’t even know he was gone. Nor that he did any of those things.

    I just spend my time reading your responses, dA. It’s more fun that way 😉


    Well,at least he was interesting.And by that I mean in a “what the hell will this train wreck utter next” fashion.


    aaaaaaand, he’s back.


    i lol’d


    I suppose if you need the internet to tell you that you’re hot, you must have real problems. What’s worse is when the internet tells you that you’re a fag. Poor Casemods.


    im hotter than caseknobs. Not down to votes on a teen website. Down to actual knotches on my bedpost. I turn down so many woman. All great machines must excel in the FIELD. If i was a massive loser, than I would take posing shots of myself and post them on a teen website for votes and then brag about it here. Your pictures say nothing about your charm, confidence and sex appeal, and those are the things that get man laid.


    You’re like some kind of hipster spawn aren’t you?


    I don’t have a dog in this fight…. But is this from Hot Or Not? Aren’t most of the voters on the male pictures gay men?

    If so, probably not the best way to make your argument.


    Someone rated a dude holding a pokeball 9.3? Ladies sure b desprate.


    So this is my first post on M[C]S but I feel as if I have to share this. I have heard a lot about Casemods trolling MCS for awhile and never thought about it until it kept happening and happening and now I hate him just as much as you. But heres the good part. I was just screwing around on 4Chan when I happened to see someone post a picture of their own penis….it was under the name Casemods. Every 4Chan user was bashing him for having such a small one. This has made my day.