Sexual Euphimism Sandwich

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    I don’t see it. Wait! There is is!

    Luke Magnifico

    I…. think I see it.


    My sympathies if the euphemism is “rare”


    Snatch on rye,hold the mustard,please.


    Talk about a forced euphEmism. Sorry Demon, but that is just a sandwich. Not a euphemisn for anything sexual. It’s clear that you think that it looks somewhat vaginal, but really no… no it does not. It looks like a sandwich.


    It does however, look like one delicious sandwich!


    I have a question regarding antibiotics. Can you help? Something tells me you’re an expert.


    @ Demon
    weird sammiches that resemble vaginas.
    you can all be replaced by one.


    If that’s a vag then why is it so many colors?

    Maxwell Edison

    Euphemism doesn’t mean “something that looks like something else.”


    Thank you for your input Dr. Pendantic. You do realize that pedants rank below furries in the internet respect list, right?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Put a comma before Dr. Pedantic and no comma before the word right.

    …since we’re just one upping each others smarty pants here.

    Maxwell Edison

    I don’t think it’s pedantry to point out that she could have called it “Sexual Haiku Sandwich” or “Sexual Arithmetic Sandwich” and been just as accurate. But she’s Demon and I still love her.

    Maxwell Edison

    Wait a second – this, from the guy who complained about her spelling of Euphemism and then said it wasn’t one?


    Good point. Very true. Message received. To be fair, I didn’t complain about it, I just pointed it out. Would it have been better to have used a “(sic)?” or something. Of course if I am also a pedant, I have to point out that you’re making an ad homonym attempt at defending yourself, whether I am or am not a pendant does not mean I can’t call you out on being one as well. 😛 And because I’m having a bad night of people misinterpreting my intentions, I’m going to state outright that I am trying to be whimsically… Read more »


    Doesn’t looked cooked to me.