Non Smoking Area

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    Wait so is the idea that non-smokers don’t die in war or is it that non-smokers are immortal in general?


    Maybe it is just literal. Who didn’t smoke in WW2?


    Its true, we are immortal. I’ve never touched a cigarette and I’ve been immortal for almost 20 years now.


    I’ve yet to figure out how to quit, successfully. So far, the only times I’ve ever quit for any significant length of time is when I’ve been sick. The longest I managed was 2+ years, while I was pregnant, then breast-feeding.


    I read that as pregnant for 2+ years. Ha.


    You never truly quit.

    You just take breaks. Sometimes that break is for your entire life. Sometimes it’s 2 years (also my personal best). Right now I’m working on about a year. We’ll see.


    earm. I’ve managed to quit three days at a time at most. I was giving it a pretty good go in January but I’ve slipped back to the normal 30 a day. (I’m worse now that I live somewhere where smokes are a dollar a pack, roughly) I really hate every cigarette I smoke now, and I hate coming home to my apartment and smelling it and I hate waking up in a coughing fit as I have been recently but there we go. I realized a while back that I’ve been smoking daily for ten years now, which makes… Read more »


    $1 a pack? Sounds like the government there needs to raise taxes.


    Nah everything is cheap here, but the average salary in my city is translates to about $150USD I think so that $1 a day would add up for most folks

    There are smokes for half that price that poor people smoke and man they taste like smoking dust and metal shavings.


    Probably not far off from the truth.


    It just means that smokers wouldn’t be caught dead in a non smoking area.


    This is pretty lame.


    To quote the immortal Bill Hicks “I have something to tell you non-smokers that I know for a fact that you don’t know, and I feel it’s my duty to pass on information at all times. Ready?. . . . Non-smokers die every day . . . Enjoy your evening. See, I know that you entertain this eternal life fantasy because you’ve chosen not to smoke, but let me be the 1st to POP that bubble and bring you hurling back to reality . . . You’re dead too.” “I smoke. If this bothers anyone, I suggest you look around… Read more »


    I was enjoying that until the end. He makes it sound as if cripples choose to have non functioning legs.


    “I smoke. If this bothers anyone, I suggest you look around at the world in which we live and shut your f***** mouth.”


    I thought the same when reading it, then thought, How do I know they aren’t crippled because they did something incredibly stupid?


    That is a valid point.


    The worst kind of smokers are the ones that come up to you and cough. That’s pretty fucking rude isn’t it?
    Go cough in the smoking section on other smokers and keep that rank ass smell to yourself.
    We’re all gonna die, smoker’s are just gonna die quicker.
    I’m doing my part to speed up the process by destroying my liver one drink at a time.

    Teutonic Logic

    yeah I really dont get this one as well. Do non-smokers just get dumped in the ground with no headstone? Are they implying the other soldiers died because of lung cancer as oppossed to wounds sustained in combat? Are they saying that not smoking in WW2 was some how magic protection from violent death. Or are they saying that somehow not smoking is like using a time machine, that allows you to get out of the grave (there is an open spot, which would have been filled in) and therby changes history and erases your tombstone from existence?


    Great, another sanctimonious “quit smoking” ad. I really, really, really wish smug non-smokers would get caught up in a similar hazardous habit that they can’t kick, then we’ll see if they like it when people preach about how they must stop. I’m up to three packs a day, and I hate it and can’t do a goddamn thing about it, so get off our case and let us be!

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