The Coloseum

The Coloseum

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    In the colosseum
    You call ’em as you see ’em


    The last time I was there they had a see-through staircase and as all the sweaty tourists were climbing up there people lined up at the bottom to look at the underwear of the women who had skirts or dresses on. It was great. Once the women realised what was happening they couldn’t even go back or hide because it was too narrow so they had to continue walking because of all the people behind them. I can’t think of anything more pleasing than the tormented look on the face of a sweaty tourist who is aware that dozens of… Read more »


    Never made it to Italy for some reason. I should ask my mom why.
    I wonder how many women would show up sans panties if they knew.


    as one friend once put it: “Colossal… and so big!” 0_o


    i’m at a public library, and i’m making this the wallpaper