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    Donde es Deadpool? The first and only character I looked for. 🙁

    Maxwell Edison

    Pretty sure this is from before there was a Deadpool.

    Deadpool’s pretty fun to read, but for the most part, I haven’t found most of the Marvel/DC universe worth following since around 1990.

    Maxwell Edison

    Oh, which I was going to say I reckon this picture to be from, roughly.


    you seriously dont see him? RIGHT THERE?

    maybe there is too much red. are you colorblind?

    really, it’s not like he’s waldo


    I found 3 Thors,and about 4 guys stretching. Deadpool was also the first person I thought to look for.

    Maxwell Edison

    I see Elongated Man, Plastic Man, and Reed Richards on the left side, Machine Man just to right of center.. who’s the guy with the F on his chest in the background on the far right?


    3 Batmans, 2 Ironmans, 3/4 Fantastic Four – but the one I couldn’t find wasn’t the Invisible Woman, Beast was the only X-man I saw, 2 Flashes, and about 300 Green Lanterns. Oh, and Jesus.

    But no Deadpool.


    make that 3 Iron Men and 1 War Machine

    Maxwell Edison

    Three Flashes. Jay Garrick, Wally West and Barry Allen, left to right.


    Invisible Woman is right behind the Golden Age Flash on the left hand side.


    Deadpool is too cool to be with this fags.


    you guys really can’t see him?


    Most importantly, there is a lobo


    A Lobo and Deadpool team, I think, would be absolutely awesome!


    Deadpool would sidekick Lobo…


    I’m pretty sure this is from JLA/Avengers. so it shows everyone who’s even been tangentially an Avenger or Justice Leaguer.

    I couldn’t find Starfox, but found Flatman / Steel / Vibe. they’re all pretty obscure.


    Starfox is right behind Thor.

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