geeky wolverine

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    Auditions for the role of Wolverine went badly for Tobey Maguire, but the studio execs felt so bad when he started crying that they offered him the role of Spiderman instead.


    Bah, Tobey was a great Spidey. An excellent geek. And that’s exactly what Peter Parker/Spiderman is. Spidey’s just cooler because of the whole superpowers and crimefighting thing. 🙂


    After reading the comics for awhile, Tobey was awful. He needs to be skinnier, and more talkative. One of the attributes of Spidey is that he can talk a villians ear off. They also didn’t show much of his genius, ala the webshooters and such. They just showed him as a loveable loser/geek, who may say a punch-line here or there.

    I want someone more leaner, a bit more chatty, and I hope that the new script will show what a genius Peter Parker really is.


    I’d fuck that


    He’s the best at what he does. But what he does isn’t very cool.

    Kik Dogg

    this is case with the beer-goggles on

    fracked again

    So in the newest reboot, they want spidey to be in high school again… Does anybody else think they should use the Ultimate Spider-man as the story? Its up to date, the kid is actually in high school instead of the world’s oldest college student, the villians are cool as fuck versions of the old school ones, and instead of photog, Peter is the webmaster for the paper. That and eventually Spidey and SHIELD come together which means Nick Fury played by Samuel L Jackson.


    Those are good arguments for how ultimate spiderman and the reboot have a lot in common (mostly him being a high schooler). Still, I think a lot of the old school comic lovers really hated the ultimate series. It was found to be a little trying-to-hard-to-be-cool, if you know what I mean? It’s really hard to figure out who this movie is trying to target (other than the largest audience possible, like all movies).