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    Just kidding. So what does this tell us. I got only The Dark Knight, Wall-E and I am Legend off of those lists. I would have paid to see them but I would have had to watch them with terrible improvised German dubs and I don’t give a flying fuck about terrible improvised German dubs. Now if those statistics could tell us where the people are from it would be interesting because I’m pretty sure a lot of people in Europe tend to torrent films they want to see in their original language.


    I only saw two movies on the most pirated list that I feel are good enough to own, and I bought the DVDs. That tells me that people are sick of buying crap.


    I missed the old days of the scene, and FTPs. torrents suck


    Rapidshare FTW.

    ( :Why would the real tiki make a special account for when he is drunk, when the simpler solution would be to make a special account for when he is sober?)

    Luke Magnifico

    R.I.P Mininova

    The only lady I’ve ever known who put out and never asked for anything in return.


    See, there they go touting the “losses” of piracy again. As if every single person who downloads a movie would have gone out & paid for it had it not been available for free. Which is bullshit. For starters, there’s unemployed fucks like me who most assuredly wouldn’t be forking over $20 to see a movie if it wasn’t available online. I just wouldn’t be seeing movies. Then there’s fucks like my past (and hopefully future) self who wind up paying for movies they never would have otherwise if they hadn’t downloaded them, beheld their awesomeness, and decided said awesomeness is worth money.

    So stop it.




    I agree with your statement. There are quite a few (older)movies that I would not have owned had I not downloaded them, saw how awesome they were and then bought them. Same goes for when I go out and see a movie. I see it, I love it, I buy it. I don’t see it in theaters and think “hey, I’d love to download this”. I kind of like seeing my overstocked DVD shelves.

    I haven’t downloaded any of the movies on either list but I do own about 70% of those. I also agree with Sir-Rat, people are fucking tired of buying shitty movies. I would not pay to see Adam Sandler and no force on earth could make me see that shit.

    What are they basing these $ figures off of?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Downloading movies is the exclusive domain of people who still live with their parents. If a movie is on DVD, Netflix or Redbox are way better than downloading. If its still in theaters, you’re probably just getting a shitty cam job.


    I like being able to think of a movie — almost any movie — and be watching it twenty minutes later in full resolution.

    And I’ll have you know I live alone with my cats. Good day sir! I said, good day!


    IMHO of 20 movies here, only two are worth money spent on ticket or DVD.


    My favorite part of pirated software? There’s no security systems, no computer monitoring systems, no DRM.

    Ironically, the stuff I download for free from strangers online has less computer-destroying bullshit than the stuff I buy from a reputable corporation.

    Cracked software just runs. Purchased software wants you to always be connected to their database, want to monitor all the other programs you are running, download three advertising platform addons in order to even function (I’m looking at you, steam) and will lock you out of your game if the game authentication server ever goes down. And that’s just for the single player stuff!

    My favorite DRM crusader ever says it best: www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/columns/experienced-points/5930-The-Impossible-DRM


    I torrent for the same reasons as DieA.
    And off that list, I only downloaded TDK, which I also saw at the English cinema – twice.
    Then again, I don’t watch that many blockbusters.

    Kik Dogg

    Kung Fu Panda?

    KUNG FU PANDA???!!!


    My opinion on piracy: Stealing is wrong, with certain exceptions. If your family is starving, and you steal a loaf of bread to feed them, it’s not wrong. If an earthquake has just destroyed your city (say, in Haiti), it is reasonable to break into a shop to steal its’ food, water, and shelter-making goods.

    Movies are entertainment. Thrills. You don’t need them. They aren’t necessities. If the person that owns them is selling them to you at a price you aren’t prepared to pay, you can simply walk away. Your life will be no less livable or worthwhile.

    People put on a bunch of silly justifications, but in the end it comes down to this: do you think that people who labor to create pieces of intellectual property have a right to profit from thier creations? If so, does the fact that you have the ability to circumvent the protections set in place to allow them to profit from thier creations, without chance that you will get in trouble for it, somehow make it right?

    It’s really a case of does-the-robber-have-the-right-to-rob-a-bank-because-the-bank-can’t-stop-him-from-doing-so?


    but in the end it comes down to this: do you think that people who labor to create pieces of intellectual property have a right to profit from thier creations? If so, does the fact that you have the ability to circumvent the protections set in place to allow them to profit from thier creations

    Your premise is a false one therefore your conclusion is false as well.
    Someone who doesn’t have money to see a film and downloads it instead, does not prevent the creators from getting any money since he didn’t have any in the first place. Also it’s been shown that piracy actually helps advertise films and music because it makes it easier for the people to decide whether the media in question is worth their money.

    It’s really a case of does-the-robber-have-the-right-to-rob-a-bank-because-the-bank-can’t-stop-him-from-doing-so?

    No it isn’t and this statement proves that you simply don’t grasp the simple logic behind all of this.

    A robber removes the original, someone who downloads a film only makes a copy.

    If you don’t have money to go see a film but your friend owns the DVD and is willing to lend it to you, by your logic you would have to refuse because it prevents the creators from getting more money.

    Complete nonsense. You go on and worry about the people in Haiti, Hollywood is not going to starve because of a bunch of teenagers who can’t afford to pay $20 twice a week to see a film they don’t even know is going to be worth their money.


    I watched Sherlock Holmes last week after downloading it. I almost went and saw it in theaters because I wanted to see it so badly, but I finally found a good torrent. I then burned a copy for my brother-in-law to see, and he watched it with his family. He was excited, because he had also planned on watching the movie in theaters.

    See? Your premise is also false.


    I specifically stated “someone who doesn’t have money”, since this was one of the main aspects of WistfulD’s argument.

    My premise is not false, you just ignored part of it because it was inconvenient.

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