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It’s a nigger taking over not the crackers.


Americans have a long history of having quite a few crackers in there – that weren’t worth a SHIIIIIIT. Curious George, the last twice-elected embicile, couldn’t figure out which shoe went on which foot till the day he left. Most Americans still hold on to the legend of half-ass actor that couldn’t make it in Hollywood and decided to run for President … and by the time he left he was hiding his own Easter Eggs in the Rose Garden. In the near future, I won’t be surprised when you Americans elect this Alaskan uneducated bimbo that makes George look… Read more »


You pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Fuck this fat, stupid country,


You are an idiot of the highest degree if you think all criticism towards him is based on skin color. This guy is george bush redux.


FAIL. I referred to the prior post and the “nigger” slur. (You really missed that?)

“Bush redux” ??? Really? I like when there are those that like to throw out some simple and wild uncredited and unreferenced accusation with nothing to back it up.

ie: “No, this guy is more like Lord Mountbatten redux.”

How much school did you miss?


Really. So renewing the patriot act is not something george w would have done? Making 6% of the Major Tobacco industries competition Illegal is not something GWB would have done? Sending in more troops to Failing wars and increasing the “war on terrorism” is not something Bush would have done? Giving billions of tax payer and borrowed dollars to major corporations is not something GWB would have done? Tell me, what is it like to be in a constant state of denial? Christ the guy could pass legislation effectively making it illegal to be White and you would probably be… Read more »


Let’s add increasing nuclear weapons spending (and by extension military spending) to the list of things GWB wouldn’t have done.


And while we are on the subject of military spending Obama requested an additional 33 Billion dollars for the wars in iraq and afghanistan to be tacked onto a bill that will top 700 billion dollars for military spending.


It’s called the Military Industrial Complex and the American economy and it’s entire welfare as a nation are completely kept afloat now by how many “bombs” you can produce. You don’t have to dig too deeply to understand that America isn’t really very good at producing much else today. Reminds me of the old George Carlin – War skit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=77dDZOwt20E Do you really think Obama was going to put a halt to your greatest industry (war, nuclear weapons and death) within the first year span? You’re kidding right? America’s entire budget for defense and war is many, many times more… Read more »


He had the oppurtunity to make some serious change within his first year. He did not do it. That is the point. When you have plans as grand as his every second in office counts. There is no change. He is a corporate schill just like every president since eisenhower. The military-industrail complex is not our largest industry either. That would be the Computer industries (networking, telecoms, etc) which are absolutely vital to advancements in the Defense and Aerospace (AKA Military) industry. The B-2 bomber and F-22 raptors would be useless without the CPUs needed to design and operate them.


Idiocracy wasn’t a Comedy, it wuz prophecy !

Euro you forgot to remind them that most industrial Nations have some
form of government sponsored Healthcare, and we’re not all socialists…It would take so little away from the defense budget
and elevate the Citizens of the US so much. Oh well.


This is true. I don’t see much wrong with government sponsored healthcare (besides the massive potential for corruption)since it is a good idea on paper, but don’t get caught into the “it’s free healthcare” trap.


We have socialized, government regulated, bureaucrat run everything else. I can’t see why people are up in arms now. Human beings need to spend less time listening to fear mongering jack asses, and more time eliminating said jack asses from the gene pool.

Quickly people! To the Tea Partymobile. If we don’t act now Obama will take over our air travel, space travel, rail travel, utilities, phone companies, food companies, mortage companies, banks, car companies, and maybe EVEN OUR VERY ROADS! Oh shit we’re already there and have been going that way for the lass 100+ years! Morons.


Yeah, and it is all shit. Have you driven on a local highway recently? I-95 is a pothole infested shit stye. Have you ever watched an advertisement for a new drug and seen the obscene lists of side effects? Just because we have it and have been using it fairly successfully does not mean it is not corrupt or magically immune to the same pitfalls as other forms of government.Just because the catholic church doesn’t openly endorse pedophilia does not mean that there are not corrupt members of the church. It all looks good on paper. that is it.


I’m not arguing that. But my point was not about whether it is good or bad, it was about this picture and the “change” thing. That intend of the image with the dark looking rally, big red banners, overlord looking picture, and the caption is to imply that the “change” is a move to socialism. Well that’s BS because we’re already there and the Republicans had just as much to do with that as anyone. Moreover Obama is going to make us dark evil socialists, commonly referred to as Nazis. What I want to see is someone get the balls… Read more »

TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


you don’t know where this is from.

madhouses visites

While the Nazi party did have the word socialist in its name (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) they were considered to be fascists. There is (theoretically)a big difference between socialism and fascism.

Funny Americans don’t even know what to be scared of.


how is that at all related to what you said? You were talking about how america is already a socialist state. Not about people having the balls to call obama a socialist whatsamahigger.



*checks tag: made in china*



You can blame American companies outsourcing while putting Americans out of jobs… that started with Bush.


No it did not start with bush. Outsourcing became a hot-button issue during bush’s presidency. Outsourcing has been going on as early as the 1970’s. Prime example in the 80’s and 90’s is the Guitar industry. That was when many major guitar companies (BC Rich, Fender, Jackson) started setting up operations in Japan and korea to introduce cheaper yet high-quality guitars into the market. Outsourcing was not formally identified as a business strategy until 1989.


There are a couple people who I really hope see this thread.

There are eRage lulz to be had here and I would feel half a man if it didn’t come to fruition.


Which half would you feel, top or bottom?


about the only thing I want from Obama is surviving office without a Clinton/Tiger Woods meltdown.
Seriously, that’s all I need.


Still not sure why people think that Obama is all crazy fascist. Honestly look at what he’s done in office, pretty much nothing. Nothing is pretty scary.


Yeah, you are so right … I can understand completely. It took only 28 long years of f**king up the American economy, deregulating the entire banking system, f**king over the housing industry, empowering the corportest to run everything from elections to Wall Street and making sure that the middle-class is left voiceless and helpless and the poor are further shit on. 28 years of “Reagonomics” finally came to fruition – not only did it about sink the US but almost wiped out the entire world economy and that bastard Obama should have had it all fixed in 1 short year.… Read more »


I’m not expecting him to fix everything in one year. I was expecting actual change in our government. So far his actions have proven that he is exactly like every other shithead we have had in office. Something as simple as saying NO to the renewal of the patriot act WHEN HE HAD THE OPPURTUNITY to do so would have made me happy. Instead he chose to extend Bush-era politics while simultaneously claiming he wanted to “change” things. I’m sorry but that is no different than republicans yapping about making the government smaller while trying to ban something as harmless… Read more »

TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

You’re placing blame for things that have nothing to do with what you’re blaming.

I’m bored of nig nog politics.

You and the other champions of stupidity in here are sad. Its like you protested whats his face and now all you want to do is relive your glory years like Al Bundy and his 7 touch downs.

Do you guys really think you’re even going to get any healthcare reform?

Wait until you find out what really went on while you were crying about it.

That’s called neo conservative politics, kids.

You’re watching the birdie.


Lotus, you’ve become scores more eloquent and level-headed since I’ve left. I’m quite impressed, actually.


Well thank you caio. I must say you have leveled out yourself as well.


Seriously, this shit pisses me off. I don’t mind people hating on Obama… but someone want to explain how this is clever?

“I have an idea! I’ll take some faux-intellectual statement about change, and throw in a 1984 reference! People will think I’m so brilliant!!”

Seriously. After our last president, and how close Senator Zombie and Queen Retard came to office… these images just seem like a stretch. Weak sauce.

The Matrix: Rebooted

Seriously. After our last president, and how close Senator Zombie and Queen Retard came to office… these images just seem like a stretch. Weak sauce.

THIS. I’m as disappointed in Obama as anyone on the left. But every time McCain or Palin say a god-dammned word, I realize that America made the best possible choice.


“Sometimes racist fascist republicans think its amusing to accuse democrats of being racist and fascist when they lose elections.”

You don’t even know what fascism is.

You idiots rally around this shit like its a football game.

No wonder politicians lie to you. You fucking well deserve it.


Hope everyone’s taking Mandarin lessons.




While we squabble and fight because the guy is black, China’s getting set to kick our economy’s ass.

So sit back, grab some popcorn cause this ships goin down, and we have no one else to blame but ourselves.