hilltop home

hilltop home

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    HOLY SHIT I WANT THIS HOUSE. God i would go on hikes and get stoned out of my mind every day after work and just sit and watch the mountains.


    I agree, DO WANT..
    But leave the pot at home….
    This place looks like a Red Wine Haven 😉


    I want a house like this. wooded, secluded, beautiful. it would have an underground level, a ground level, then a five story tower acending out of the southern corner. the tower would have an observatory/party deck at the very top. also, four .50 caliber weapons mounted around the deck railing, for when the zombies inevitably come.


    it would also be off the grid as far as water and electricity goes, with solar and wind power, along with a pit filled with hundreds of pigs and a giant riding midget named master blaster who harnesses the power of pig farts


    Personally, I’m more a plains or a shore person than a mountain one…but it still looks nice :3


    Don`t forget the weed fields.
    Also, my new wall.