cat tree house

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    Damn clever. Let’s hope they don’t piss all over it.


    They won’t. Cats are VERY good about using the litter box. It’s the ONE THING you can train a cat to do. Forget about anything else. 😀

    Luke Magnifico

    Forget about being loved


    tiki god

    sounds like you’ve never owned a cat. cats piss everywhere. in their beds, on your bed, on the wall, on the couch, on the floor on the pillow, on the blanket that you left on the floor and on the table that holds their shit box, but at no time will cats ever piss in the actual shit box.

    fuck cats. fuck them in their fucking faces, I hate them, and I own two of them 🙁

    anyways, who’s up for some bbq?


    lol, bro. that’s not piss. it’s spraying to mark it’s territory, and it fucking STINKS.

    fracked again

    Wow, you have some bad luck there with cats. Only time mine ever do that is when they are sick.


    It may not be piss but it’s foul and might as well be piss since it stinks like a street corner which everyone uses as a public urinal, and when it rains on that corner the stench of dried accumulated piss clogs up your nasal passages.

    At any rate, if they wanna mark territory and if they like the tree, consider it pissed.


    In our family growing up, we’ve had every pet known to mankind, including over 20 cats. If you can’t train your cat to use the litter box, you aren’t even trying… or maybe you get your cats too old and untrained. Start with a kitten whose eyes just opened and you’ll have the cat using just the litter box in a couple weeks tops. If you’ve trained your cat right, when it has kittens, it’ll train the kittens itself to use the litter box – ours did. 🙂


    Cat’s aren’t to be trained, they don’t need to stay inside like stupid dogs.