what happened to this reaper

what happened to this reaper

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    Maxwell Edison

    She got cast in Firefly, from which she was subsequently fired.


    I think you are misinformed. Rebecca Gayheart was never in Firefly, unless you know a really obscure piece of geek knowledge and know that she was cast in a role that never made it onto dvd or something.
    Or maybe you are just confusing her with Morene Baccarin – www.imdb.com/name/nm1072555/



    Gayheart was the original person cast for Inara. But Whedon knew very very early on that she wouldn’t work out, and cast Morena Baccarin instead.


    Well, that shut me up. Thanks for that bit of info, I did not know that.

    Maxwell Edison

    It’s more interesting to me that even though you didn’t know that, you picked the right part that you thought I thought she played, even though the actresses look nothing alike.


    Lazy writing.


    I rather liked her. I wanted to punch Daisy when she first joined the team.


    She killed someone while driving. Kind of ironic that her character “tony” from 90210 also was killed while being in a car…..though “tony” was shot by her own fathers mob goons. She is still hot, I wish they would bring back those Noxzema commercials, i still get wood from watching those.