Nascar = Retarded

nascarded.png (40 KB)

In case you didn’t already know!

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    So is thinking you can change the world with witless t-shirts.

    tiki god

    a whole bag of them?


    Does the bag have a silkscreen of Charlie Sheen on it? If it does, I’ll consider.


    i like all racing. however, people who don’t understand nascar don’t understand auto racing in the USA. we took our original idea of DRAG RACING- and made it 500 miles long. and the only way to do that is to run in a loop. fucking DUH. is that really so hard to figure out? all the other racing countries are jealous of us. that’s because we have plenty of space. their entire country is usually smaller than West Virginia. and there’s no room for a super speedway. so they whine like a bunch of pussies. and, there is no way… Read more »


    LOL, driving skills, technical advances, some chicanes, the fact that the history of races was not made in loops… Yeah, all bullshits :\

    Sorry, but even the frames of those cars are optimized to only turn left…

    Again, let the flame begin!


    Drag racing? Do you mean stock car racing? ‘Cause drag racing is different.

    Street stock car racing is kind of awesome. I’d watch NASCAR if they used the figure eight tracks I remember from my childhood.


    Figo is right, storminator is so, so, so wrong. Other countries have huge-ass tracks, no problem there. Other circuits run 500 miles, no problem there. What NASCAR does wrong is run 4000lb cars, using 1970’s (at best) technology, that needs to be gimped with restrictor plates in the most nonsensical fashion to reduce speed. (You want a safer race? How about making the cars lighter and using smaller engines? The joke that the format is related to “stock” cars has been over for more than a quarter of a century, so way continue to fake the funk? We have the… Read more »


    I’d rather watch Drag Racing, F-1, Motocross, Supercross, Rally Racing or Destruction Derby.


    Only the US could get 200bhp out of a 7 litre engine.

    F1 races are 200 miles or 2hrs. Le Man 24hr, LMP1 cars reach 230mph? Nascar is watched and created by simpletons, who like circles because they’re less confusing.