Emma Watson does something with a jacket

Emma Watson.jpg (52 KB)

No clue what’s happening here.
Source: found it on thechive.com

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    I would find more of this pertinent to my interests.


    Dreth’s brain is exploding right now.


    I remember seeing that pic. She was like standing outside on the corner some were, and someone just happened to see her with some of her friends. Think there was two more pics to accompany this. It was before she was 18 I think, so they weren’t revealing or anything.


    mmmmmmmmmmhh in so many ways!!!


    what’s with the shirt? Looks like someone put Snoopy over another shirt pic


    Not sure what that something is, but I do approve.


    I was gonna say I came, and then I read freakymescan’s comment about this was pre-18 Emma….. I have to go outside for awhile


    I really don’t get why everyone thinks she’s so hot. I guess it has to do with how I never watched any of the Harry Pothead movies? Wasn’t she like 12 in those? To me she just looks like a plain generic teenager. She doesn’t have some huge tits or a big ass and her muscles aren’t super toned and she isn’t really tan and her hair is just plain and her face is generic. I wouldn’t even call her “cute.”

    Was she a nympho in the HP movies or what? What am I missing?


    You do realize that they didn’t film all the HP movies at once, right? She was at different ages in different movies. She wasn’t a ho in the movies. I’m not sure why people talk about her sexually so much. It’s probably some kind of “look who’s not jailbait anymore” mentality.


    I think for me it’s she’s rich and decently attractive. Did I mention she’s rich?


    She’s signaling a cargo plane to tar and feather her chicken legs.

    Dj. DreamStar

    fuck it
    Pedo Bear moment lol


    This is Emma Stone