Trippy Rooms

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    Oh gawd this is the bedroom of my dreams. I wish I could be there with attractive people who lie on the pillow thingies on their stomachs with their butts sticking out and I would slap them all while running through the halls. Then I would climb into one of those upper pillow shelves, curl up and sleep up there like a cat until 6pm.


    this is very womb like

    tiki god

    reminds me of those sex cushions that they sell over the internets, but it’s a whole room made for fuxing.


    Trippin balls up in this mother


    That website is bliss.
    I must fornicate in each and every one of those rooms.


    m[c]s is full of pr0n-loving people…
    I am proud of all of you 🙂


    no, m[c]s is full of sex-loving people.

    pr0n is just watching but no touching


    You’re right, although one might love to do pr0n, no?


    Hey, I’ve got in one of those trippy rooms! Quite funny indeed (but not very comfortable).

    It was publicly accessible in Paris at the ‘Grand Palais’ expo ‘Design contre Design’…


    I want.


    I believe there’s a strong synthetic smell inside which kills you in an instant. Only real hippies would enjoy it.


    I do not believe I would enjoy such a room. I’d always be tripping over things and banging into other things that I though were further away. Then there’s all that shit hanging down from the ceiling. I am very tall and rather clumsy. Combine that with shit hanging down from the ceiling and it isn’t going to end well. All of which is entirely irrelevant if there’s some pretty young things in the room that are feeling frisky, because anyone willing to bowchicka my wahwah in a room like that is someone I want to know. A lot.


    um, hello?

    these are not rooms for walking around in.

    Alexis Rose

    Kinda makes me think of the party at Luna Park’s place in Across the Universe


    i want this room & a few oz of $hrooms! maybe some soundtracks to anything oliver stone/tarentino…


    Reminds me of something similar to the Korova Milk Bar.

    Someplace to get sharpened up and ready for a night of the old ultra-violence.

    Ductile Logistics

    my mushroom sexual fantasies can now be fulfilled!