God is an Alien Scientist

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    tiki god

    makes as much sense as anything else

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    If “God” is an alien, it doesn’t answer any of the big theological questions:
    1) if aliens created us, who created the aliens?
    2) is there life after death?
    3) what is the purpose of life?
    4) what is right and wrong?

    That’s assuming life is defined as we define it.

    Divine creation isn’t governed by the same rules.

    Something can come from nothing when nothing is something.

    That’s a possible answer if “god” is a supernatural being not bound by physical laws. If “god” is just an alien evolved beyond the need to for feet, then a complete cosmology needs to account for its creation.
    I want to make clear: this is an awesome pic.

    Well wouldn’t our current understanding of science explain how a god-like alien (what we would call gods) explain how life can come about without a creator? I’ve been often told that there is “no need” for a creator with our current evolutionary and cosmological models. so then why is there a need for the aliens/gods creator?


    ugh…i need to proofread. Wouldn’t our current understanding of science explain how a god-like alien/god explain how life such as our or aliens can come about without a creator?


    Can deities not already be considered alien? If in fact they are alien, then an understanding of their creation as graspable in human terms may be inaccessible.

    I guess this picture really just illustrates that if there was an alien scientist it’d be pretty easy for him to convince us he is our god and created us.

    That doesn’t make him the creator of all things or even people. It just means he has better science.

    Better science makes you a god?

    The answer is drugs.


    The answer is always drugs.

    Well if we went back 300 years from now and told the world we could: -cure once incurable diseases but also engineer new ones.(modern medicine and Genetic Sciences) – Determine where we are on the earth at any given moment and talk to any person we wanted to instantly and access almost any piece of information and purchase all of our goods without going to a shop(GPS and internet enabled cell-phones) – travel across continents in mere hours IN THE AIR. (supersonic flight) – Take two pieces of metal and use them to destroy entire cities (nuclear war) …well they… Read more »

    I get to get all the best things and if they question me I would just give them small pox.


    Or witches.


    “Right” and “wrong” don’t need a God. I may not agree with a lot of Wicca, but their primary philosophy is a great one, I think: Harm none. As long as you’re not hurting anyone ( If they consent, it’s not really harm ), then it’s not wrong. The flaw, however, is the varying definitions of “harm”.

    Of course, we also have to throw in the good ol’ Vulcan “The needs of the many outweigh the good of the few”


    “And it harm none, so mote it be.”
    Meaning, if your partner really WANTED you to do him with your strap-on, it is okay to do so.”
    Now. Bend over.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Hey are you guys talking about philosophy? Cause I know how to get confused and then try and bullshit my way to Smart Town with semantics!

    Hey maybe if I throw in a non sequitur that references something totally fag people won’t catch on?




    1. why do we need to know who created the aliens? the fact is it can go to infinity 2. there is the theory of gaia aka spirit of the planet which i think is the most plausable theory, we all are connected and this “spirit” might go as large and far as the universe and all the living creatures and non living creatures in the universe are connected through this “spirit”, it means we are one, so it’s very possible we become one with this spirit and we give it all the memories we have gathered our entire life… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico



    Hush, the adults are trying to talk here.


    May the Force be with you.


    His reality show is now one of the most viewed in the galaxy.

    tiki god

    anyone know the source of this? I can’t make out the scribble in the lower right hand corner


    Eva is teh seks


    This picture… damn.


    Not the sauce, note the extensive use of clone tool on each side to make it wider.


    No coffee… but free sex? Damn!


    Nice curves Eve!


    You’re all wrong – it was time travelers that made everything. 😛

    Humans learn so much we make a time machine and go back to the beginning of the universe to create it all.


    Well, technically God (by most religions’ definition) is an extra-terrestrial. He’s not _from_ planet Earth, now is he?


    Who gives a shit?


    the universe is a confined space. its a giant clock work ticking down. it is divine craftsmanship.

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