Boudoir Queen

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    This is scary as shit. Reminds me of the Wheelers from Return to Oz. Awesome.

    tiki god

    holy fuck those guys were awesome. they chased her and then hit the sand, and POOF they were sand.

    god damn that movie was scary


    Yeah the whole thing was psycho, scared the shit out of me when I saw it as a kid but now I love it to death.


    I wish I could +10 for mentioning that.


    what the fuck kill it kill it kill it


    Now see here, miss. If you hadn’t insisted on putting those absurd whatever-those-are’s over your eyes, you would have been able to see that chair, wouldn’t you? Then you wouldn’t have tripped over it, now would you? We’re feeling more than a little foolish now, aren’t we?

    Mad props for the inverted 540 as you were going over though. That was just fucking insane.


    I’d hit that.

    Especially if she was a natural… whatever that shit is on her head.