1928 Thompson SMG

DSCF1848.jpg (43 KB)

Thompson SMG.

45 ACP; 750 RPM

This model is made by Auto Ordinance and is the civilian model. It’s also a family heirloom of mine.

1928 model with the original case. The case is a newly made copy of the original with a royal purple interior as opposed to the standard red or blue velvet.

Yes, they are legal to own here in the US. For the time being.

Pricey as anything to shoot though. 45 ACP rounds are currently about $20 a box.

Also took nearly a year to clear all the proper ATF, Sheriff, and other paperwork to take possession. Definitely feels like something from days gone by. Weighs nearly 25 pounds loaded.

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    Awesome. Chicago Typewriter FTW.


    “It’s also a family heirloom of mine.” Coolness!


    this is badassery

    every family should have heirloom guns

    tiki god

    I agree with this. or at the very least, a heirloom anything. I have no connection to my ancestors, 🙁


    No hereditory illnesses?

    tiki god

    I guess you’re right, I have bipolar insanity and alzheimer’s to look forward to. yay, thanks for reminding me!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Then you probably shouldn’t have the guns. 😛


    Beautiful weapon, I’m jealous.


    That reminds me, Valentine’s Day is coming.


    Nice, you got your Family Gun.

    My family heirloom was a Confederate Civil War revolver from a Captain with my last name. Could not verify authenticity, and it was lost (possibly sold). 🙁

    Would have loved to have it for the History, even more for a family connection to the most tumultuous time in America’s past. (I’m a History major)


    My family sucks! My family heirloom is credit card debts!

    tiki god

    psshh, we all have that


    Fuckin’ sweet! Family heirloom Tommy gun FTW!