Love: A Story

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The Perry Bible Fellowship

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    PBF needs to make new funnies, dammit.

    Anyone know what’s up with the lack of updates?

    tiki god

    they sold a book through Dark Horse, and it did so well that they’ve taken a vacation to a popular island.

    and then bought the island

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    From what I’ve heard, he pulled a Bill Waterson and quit while he was still ahead.

    tiki god

    I think it’s stretching it to say that they were ahead. all they had was the website with a few dozen comics and the single book right?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    From an artistic view, being ahead means just you haven’t run out of good ideas. Unlike, for example, Randal Monroe, who clearly ran out of good ideas several years ago, but continues to make shitty comics anyway.


    awesome comic site


    I went there expecting some fundamentalist bullshit.What a hilarious surprise.


    Yeah I followed PBF way back when. His official stance now, unfortunately, is permanent hiatus. It’s a shame though, every single comic is gold.


    Not a joke.

    This is what Somalis and Ethiopians actually believe.