The Rapture

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The is what (at least 1/3 of) Christians actually believe.

    Wow, currently at -4 for stating a verifiable fact.


    Welcome to planet earth, I laugh about it beacuase they worship a god who does so much punishment but apparently is the pinnacle of all good.. lol

    Good thing you and whoever your source for said statistic went up to tje 2 billion christians and asked them if they believed in the rapture. I mean otherwise you would just look like a total ass who believes everything he is told or reads.

    1)If you think that you need to ask every single Christian in order to get an accurate number, then you fail at statistics.
    2) Voting down comments that are truly offensive is one thing, but voting down someone because you can’t stand the facts is lazy and chicken-shit.
    3)I chose the lowest possible fraction to be generous. This Time article put the number at 59% of all Americans, not just Christians.
    If I want to cherry-pick data, I could easily find polls of Christians that put it closer to 80%. And that’s not counting all of the uneducated Christians in third world countries. Places like Africa and Haiti have nearly 100% belief in a literal rapture.


    But you called it a “verifiable fact”, it’s not a fact but just a statistic then.

    People tend to vote down comments for different reasons, for example I think in your case it was because our pet Nazi Kommissar chimed in with his non-statistics so it just looked ugly.

    Speaking of, 1/1 Kommissar feels bad about the giant hairy mole on his ass. He actually named the mole Rudolf and discusses politics with it every Sunday around 4pm.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Not to get into an epistemological or ontological discussion, but why do you think that statistics aren’t facts? “Statistic” just means the result of applying a function to a set of data. If I say that the average grade in a class is 3.2, that’s both statistic and a fact.


    You stated yourself the data you have goes only for Americans and then you made vague statements about third world countries. The link you posted says “36% of Americans believe that the Bible is the word of God and is to be taken literally — TIME/CNN Poll.”

    Either you’re trying to tell me that America and third world countries are the only places where Christians live or your original statement “at least 1/3 of) Christians” simply can’t be considered a fact.

    Also I’m assuming TIME/CNN got their data over the Internet? You know what they say about Internet polls right. I learned that for statistics to be proper, every subgroup needs an equal chance to have their data evaluated or else it’s not accurate. Internet polls can’t provide that.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The Time/CNN poll is not an internet poll, so much for assumptions.
    Bill Moyers cites the Time/CNN poll as well as a Gallup poll that supports the 1/3 number.
    I’ve looked for some statistics for Europe, but have come up short. If you have any sources, I’d be interested, but honestly I don’t see how that would change much. What’s really the point of your arguing? If its 59% or 33% or 25% does that change anything of substance? Any way the numbers come up, that’s disturbing number of people that think they’re going to vacuumed up SpaceJesus.

    Why is it disturbing?


    At least I said that I’m assuming and not that it’s “a verifiable fact.”

    So where did they get their information, how many people were asked and what subgroups were included. And how does a poll only for Americans support the 1/3 number? Not all Christians are Americans. You said it was a verifiable fact when it wasn’t. Your vague third world countries argument can’t be considered a fact either.

    And now you back peddle and try to distract by saying how disturbing the numbers are in either case? Yes they are disturbing but it doesn’t change anything about the fact that you make things up. So much for MagicStatistics, they’re about as impressive as SpaceJesus.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    CNN Polling Methods:
    I’m sorry that I didn’t consider non-American sources in my initial post. But they really don’t count anyway because Jesus is American.


    Pshh, everyone knows jesus was black.


    Those are only rough guidelines for how it works though, for example they say they interview 600 to 1000 people. Now whether it’s only 600 or 1000 makes a big difference.

    Yeah it’s all right, and now your verifiable fact comment has 4 thumbs up, I hope that’s enough proof for you that it doesn’t matter how true or untrue a comment is.


    That TIME article scared the hell out of me.


    Me too. 36%? I’m about to weep for mankind.


    1/3 of christians believe in the rapture
    3/3 christians follow a false god

    fracked again

    1. All gods are false.
    2. The rapture is not even in the bible.
    3. Fuck you.


    1. Lack of faith equals lack of soul
    The Norse Gods exist, but youre not worthy
    2. not even in the bible? proves christians dont even
    have a clue about their own faith
    3. Frack You


    Oh good…. the Christians are leaving… Now maybe we can get something done around here.


    I lol’d


    Where’s Lamb saying that dieA is stupid for having a vagina?


    Let’s keep my genitals out of this, metalheadtwothousandandsixtyone. It’s not an accurate source for this kind of information, please remain seated. Permaneced sentados por favor.


    Ich kanne nicht Spanisch sprechen.


    Ich auch nicht.


    Good thing dude was outside when the Rapture happened.


    I chuckled.


    I thought that was David Blaine.

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