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This is right before he is murdered by his brother I believe.

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    He’s looking pretty good for someone who is about to get murdered by a close relative. I wonder what his secret is, I bet he consumes a lot of carotene.

    Luke Magnifico

    Those wings cannot be practical.


    It’s easy to back-stab someone who can’t turn around in a narrow corridor.


    Don’t worry about the wings in narrow corridors. The Emperor’s Palace on Terra is roughly the size of Europe. I don’t think it has any ‘narrow’ corridors. When Rogal Dorn was tasked with fortifying the palace against a siege, he began by removing the top half of Mt. Everest for building materials. These Primarch & Emperor guys kind of fail to fuck around. If I remember correctly, there was a passage in one of the novels from pre-heresy where The Emperor was to land on a planet and give a speech to the legions of Space Marines. The Mechanicum bulldozed… Read more »


    Sanguineous: Primarch of the Blood Angels. This was probably moments before he challenged Horus in martial combat upon the Traitor Warmaster’s Battle Barge above Terra. The Emperor would be too late to save Sanguineous, who would be killed by the intervention of the Chaos Gods and Horus’ own psychic powers rather then martial skill. Sanguineous would have won without the interference by the Chaos Gods, as he was the greatest of the Primarchs besides the Emperor and Horus.


    for something i don’t follow, this is pretty awesome.


    “Sanguinius would have won without the interference by the Chaos Gods…”

    Hmm. He was still weak after his duel with the Bloodthirster on top of the walls of the Imperial Palace, so even without the Ruinous Powers backing up Horus it was by no means certain who would have won; and as for “he was the greatest of the Primarchs besides the Emperor and Horus”, I would suggest that if it came to a one-on-one fight Leman Russ and Angron would have gievn him a run for his money…


    Except that Sanguinius can fly and Angron cannot


    I wish I looked like that.


    where does one read warhammer lore?


    sngyze, you should really start with Horus Rising from the Horus Heresy series. It’s fucking amazing fiction even if you got no love for 40k. Aside from being amazing fiction, it’s the first of a long, as yet unfinished series by a stable of great authors, which details the time period 10,000 years before the current Warhammer 40k timeline. It’s a good place to start, anyway. After that, you can go to any bookstore and find lots of novels. You could read all the wikis and such on line for free, but that’s sort of like reading the Cliff Notes… Read more »


    By the way, I got Horus Rising on PDF. If you want it, tell me where it’s going. I suggest buying it though. I only got it on PDF because I gave away 2 copies of the book already. 🙂


    wow, thanks! i’ll go look for the books on amazon. i kinda always thought the story was part of the game, but wasnt interested in playing.