Dont Believe Everything Ya Hear

2008-12-17-dont-believe-everything-you-hear.jpg (76 KB)

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    no triple sec?

    fail margarita is fail


    Why do you think they call it hell?


    Yay! Devil toons!


    Funny today as a comic. Not so funny later in life.


    If you ever studied Christianity even superficially you’d realize that hell is the absence of god, not some underground sauna with red people poking you in the nuts. Furthermore, good dead people don’t live in clouds with angels or whatever retarded shit.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Mathew 25 says that the Devil and his angels live in a eternal fire.
    Revelation 20 says that those who’s names are not written in the book of life are tossed in to a lake of fire.
    Whether or not you think that’s the same place is up to interpretation. “Separation from God” is a fairly recent theory to try to reconcile the concept of eternal punishment with the concept of a just, benevolent god.
    But its probably all someone’s schizophrenic nightmare combined with hundreds of years of propaganda.


    and revelation is nothing but anti roman propaganda written by some guy shitting himself thinking Nero was going to be resurrected like Jesus.

    fracked again

    Thats true, but xianity and judaism before it are always adopting new traditions that will help it be more successful. It doesn’t really matter which is most historically accurate, unless you plan on worshiping a lesser Babylonian deity of limited regional significance… So knock your socks off!