Why I Think Stapling My Head Is Appropriate For School

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    You know, Steve has a good point. Screw you Mrs. Teukol. Your name is retarded and so are your fascist ways.




    he represents the Core Democratic Values i believe in

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I actually feel bad for the teacher. In the old days, Steve would have been beaten for being a stupid attention whore. Now the only legal option is to send a sad little note home.


    I cannot disagree.


    Misread that as “Steve would have been eaten for being a stupid attention whore.”


    I the old days, I was Steve. These days, I try to atone for my past by giving my friend Christine (a Grade 8 teacher) insight on how to deal with the Steves of her world.

    Gotta say, though: his argument did make me smile.


    Jackass, Jr.?
    and notice the name is “Steve”— could it be Jackass’s Steve O ?


    I love anyone who can justify there idiocy in such an eloquent way.


    punk assed little lawyer bitch, “I’ll replace the staples..” “not cause a scene” unless you(teacher) cause it, bullshit! my class , my rules punk. Me teacher, you punk assed little kid sit down, shut up, and try to look intelligent. managing 2 outta 3 is not bad. someone needs to slap the stupid right outta him. Might take a while, but he needs it. “Core Democratic blah blah” my ass, punk assed little fecal stirrer, drag his butt off to the woodshed and learn him some manners better yet, some other KID needs to slap him down for interrupting. “Interfere… Read more »


    That sounds pretty autocratic. How about you buy a one-way ticket to Iran, mister nazi?


    It’s a school, of course it’s autocratic. How could it function otherwise?




    This little bastard was apparently *born* to be a forum troll on the interwebs. . He was asked to stop and refused, claiming that it couldn’t possibly be bothering anyone – and knowing full well that it did, else he wouldn’t have been asked to stop. It’s just plain antisocial behavior designed to get attention and cause disruption, and speaks to some core issues with the person behaving as so. It’s frighteningly republican of him, really. CUTTING DOWN ALL OF THESE TREES CAN’T POSSIBLY BE BAD WHY DO YOU THINK ITS BAD ITS NOT BAD ITS ONLY BAD IF YOU… Read more »


    At least there are still a few who knows real freedom


    at the expense of the education of others?
    There is waayyyyy too much of that in education today.

    I stand on him being a little punk bitch, who needs a smack upside the head (repeat as needed), or to be dropped off in the middle of a federal prison exercise yard wearing a cigarette g-string and with a tub of KY superglued to each hand.