I drive a clean car

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    I drive a humvee
    It gets 1 mile per dead ton of kitten.


    Bad troll.


    Clean Canadian Hydro power FTW !


    Clean Columbia River Hydro power FTW !

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Same here. With hydro, geo, solar, wind, nuke, etc. there’s no real need to burn hydrocarbons for power.


    Dirty nasty Florida coal power, for the something

    tiki god

    if you’re in florida with me, then you’re getting (some) nuclear power too! and soon (but not too soon) there will be a biomass plant too!

    it was going to be here in tallahassee, but people got scared of the jobs that it would bring and the cheap power, so they went down the road and built it in another county.


    Oh, yeah, Leon county always was at the cutting edge of progressive change…

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Florida is also building a couple of plasma arc incinerators which is an awesome technology.


    I have the privilege of living 30 minutes away from Niagara Falls. There is a massive hydro-electric power plant there. It’s the one that Tesla built.

    However, all of the electricity generated there is sold out of state. WTF? Why am I getting energy from coal when I live around the corner from a hydro plant?


    Nothing wrong with Clean Coal. Hydro power has a dark side; floods peoples homes, alters the natural flow of rivers; and so on. I am not saying it is bad, but there is still a price. Nuclear: Clearly the way to go (in addtion to coal). However we have made it to hard to expand – let alone build new; plants. In addition, one of the waste products is hydrogen, which could be used to generate additional electricity, or perhaps in the future used to heat homes. And yes; the trolls humvee is better for the environment then the electric… Read more »

    “the trolls humvee is better for the environment then the electric car.”
    nope. www.thecarconnection.com/tips-article/1010861_prius-versus-hummer-exploding-the-myth
    “Better for him to; you know; in a wreck.”
    Unless its a single vehicle wreck or a rollover, then you’re screwed.


    nuclear (fission) is, and never was the way to go. Nuclear power is one of the most expensive ways to generate power, don’t forget the hidden costs of disposal, decommisioning, security, maintenance, water demands and environmental impact of the plants. Nuclear never would have survived if it had not been propped up by taxpayer dollars because of the defense industry’s interest in it during the Cold war. Places like France and Japan are heavily reliant on fission plants to generate their power because they are very energy resource poor countries. Both of these countries are plagued with a very troubling… Read more »


    We could, you know, just reprocess it ourselves. Reprocessing isn’t “Bad!” the legislation on it is kinda ridiculous.

    tiki god

    nah man, nuclear is the clear way to go, we just have to stop using highly radioactive materials that degrade into things that are harmful for thousands of years after we’re done with them.

    there’s several types of nuclear plants that would be perfectly fine in that regard.

    I’m trying to find the info, but wired just did a great piece on these reactors that lost out in the last push for nuclear because they weren’t well understood, but with time and technological advances since then, they’re the clear way to go.

    tiki god

    you’re going to hell for your abuse of the semicolon.


    Clean coal is great. But I’m talking about Niagara Falls. You could hang a cup on a stick attached to a Radio Shack electromagnet into the water there and power a neighborhood with it.

    It’s as ridiculous as the fact that most of the oranges tiki eats are probably from Chile.


    Energy generated in a central location is more efficient than energy generated in small multiple locations. Electric cars are clearly superior.


    so, if i drive 30miles roundtrip 5 days a week to engineer nuclear power plants, there are ~200 other engineers and designers, for approximately 10 years (5 years engineering, 5 years construction), exactly how clean is it?


    tiki eats oranges?


    Donno, nyoks. It was more of a Florida thing.


    If every house had solar panels and a small wind generator then the problem would be solved.