Unique AK47 Stock

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    Luke Magnifico

    Is that the handle of a spade?

    So fucking badass.


    So when you kill someone you can bury them with the same tool.


    SVD!! SVD!! I dig the AK with the bayonet attached, I wish I could get me one of those it would make Halloween so much more fun and a great way to scare the sh!t out of the kids who visit my house.


    Looks like S.V.E.R. was here…


    SVD? Looks more like an AK-turned-pseudo-sniper-rifle. Sure, has an SVD stock…


    Gilly is right…

    Probably the Iraqi equivalent of a Romanian PSL-54C. Chambered in the same round as the Dragunov (7.62x54R) but uses everything different…scope mount, magazine, rifle stock, etc etc.

    Chinese NDM-86 and Russian TIGR are both somewhat available here in the states but rather expensive and generally not worth the price versus the accuracy. For the same coin you could get an excellent KAC SR-25 or a FN SPR A3G and Swarovski scope for either.

    However…the shovel AK is beyond awesome.

  • Here's a few awesome images!