soccer is gay

soccer is gay

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    Also resembles MMA (Brazilian Jujitsu).



    balls are not touching. this is not gay


    They are humping each other but balls aren’t touching.


    Football is not gay. Unfortunately, this pic does nothing to advance that argument. (Hey: Europe is different. Speaking from personal experience, Europeans are more in touch with their emotions, secure in themselves, etc . . . Hence, men can hug with out one of them recoiling & saying, “Dude!”)

    Football is like . . . football is like chess on a really, really big board.

    Football is not for people with short attention spans.


    This is football. And football is awesome.


    i find this sport as interesting as curling.


    General rule of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, it’s not gay if they don’t make eye contact.


    Football/Soccer is not gay and the fact that men in other countries hang-on to their boyish exuberance for the game they love more than life on the WORLD’S BIGGEST STAGE…
    People in OUR U.S. Society have taken this hyper-vigilance about anything that could be considered gay, OR twisted in someway to be effeminate leading to GAYISM..
    I’ll bet my last dollar those two guys are simply happy beyond words, you little creeps!

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