weapons of mass destruction

weapons of mass destruction

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    Whether long range weapon or suicide bomber
    a wicked mind is a weapon of mass destruction

    So you mean a retard?


    I <3 Faithless


    Considering the news out of the SCOTUS today, I find this very apropos.

    Billy Manic

    Television tricks you if you’re easily tricked. Otherwise, not much deception.


    That’s not true. Misinformation can be made to sound believable very easily, the bigger the lie the less people will bother to check if it’s true, or even worse, sometimes there is no way for people to find out the truth at all. Second, the human mind goes far beyond what you see and hear while you’re aware of it. Subconscious conditioning is an art that pays loads of money and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you who the most famous artists are.


    The majority of people are easily deceived. Critical thinking skills seem rare these days – especially among those who spend much of their time in front of the tube.

    Gotta surround ourselves wisely, because what we surround ourselves with becomes a part of us.

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