Deadpool – Surf’s Up!

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    Okay, Deadpool is pretty cool. Dark humored SOB.


    My name is Wade Wilson, and I’m kind of a DICK.


    no man, its My name is Wade Wilson. And I’m a DICK.
    he only says that when he dresses up and portrays a detective.

    and this looks like the cover to an issue. id like to read it. 😀


    …or when he’s nailing some ginger with a right cross.


    yes. but that issue he did detective work but without the detective outfit. but yeah he never said “kind of a dick”
    im sorry for the stupid nerd rage. FACT. i is right.

    Where are they, Hoth?


    they’re doing a bunch of incentive covers and deadpool appears on them. just because, i guess.

    remember when wade was tied to the machine that was slowly killing him unless he stopped talking but he kept talking and talking and talking?
    man, i gotta find those issues cause i have no idea what the hell i’m talking about.

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