the looney left


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    im so sick of our two party system


    So you haven’t realized it’s the same shit in two different colors?


    I thought there would be a pic for the Retarded Right.


    The problem is, that the lefts arguments actually make sense and are based on logic and facts. The rights (or conservatives) argument is based on faith/religious ideologies and biases/hatred. However, it is my understanding that the two party system will evolve very soon, since the Republicans are mostly older and richer generations, which are slowly dying off.


    Still 100x better than the American Taliban.

    Then again Pelosi should give up her post for wanting to cut NASA funding. Cunting cunt!


    most things are better than the american terrorists


    This is a brave statement considering the pack of losers contending for the republican presidential nomination last year.

    BTW – I have to agree with Natedog. A 2 party system is truly stupid.

    A separate house and senate that parallel process legislation before merging it into some kind of unholy bastard love child is also quite stupid.

    On the other hand, both are better than being ruled (directly) by your religion.


    Bitches don’t know about my proportional democracy.


    The Corporations and Elites have enough issues paying off the members of your two party system, they just can’t afford to lobby a third…


    Again, the American Right makes a lazy and terrible political cartoon. How is it that some mediums (Talk Radio, Cable News) can be utterly dominated by one political philosophy, while others (Political Cartoons, Blogosphere, Internet-in-general, and Political Comedy) dominated by the other? Is there something about cartooning that systematically appeals to lefties and doesn’t to the righties? Do conservatives systematically prefer to listen or watch their political arguments while Liberals prefer to read theirs?

    tiki god

    I think that’s about it, though I wouldn’t say that the radio is overly right nor is TV. what I can say though is that usually Right wing humor just doesn’t work for most people.


    Right wingers are not funny. End of story.


    ‘right wingers’ or ‘conservatives’ are either stupid or insane.

    What do you call a person who is not educated enough to understand that global warming is a reality but arrogant enough to chime in and claim that they know better than all of the worlds scientists?
    I have the answer narrowed down to either republican or asshole.


    Not all of the worlds scientists agree on global warming.

    Nice of you to be arrogant enough to chime in though.

    BTW – That was a sarcastic slam, just in case you didn’t catch it. You might want to go back and read it again.


    …pollution caused by human activity has no effect on climate
    Gee thanks for teaching me about this sarcasm thing ack.

    and thanks also for answering my question for me (in your case the answer is ‘asshole’)


    “…pollution caused by human activity has no effect on climate”

    Nobody said that but you (i.e. lame Straw Man). I just disagree with you and apparently the “everyone” you have invented.

    There are many very educated people who do not agree with global warming. Some even believe an ice age is coming.

    Who is right? I don’t know, however the first asshole who can make an accurate 7-day forecast has my attention.

    BTW. Grammar. Learn it.


    Ok, I have no iron in this fire, but I just have to point out a fallacy there: Any time you are not actually in an ice age, you are going into an ice age. You can believe we are going into an ice age and also believe that man made carbon emissions are causing a more immediate climate shift that is detrimental to our own future.


    Weather is not climate, FFS!

    fracked again

    Don’t be stupid, you moron.

    Evidence. You either have it or you don’t.

    The anti climate change bunch don’t have it, but hey, they do have a list of people who don’t work in climatology (except for Soon, but he’s both a climate scientist and registered Exxon lobbyist)! That counts for… nothing at all.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    There is no evidence in either direction you fucking retard.

    Its all guess work based on correlation. That doesn’t even qualify as science. Science knows answers or at least the right questions. Neither side of “climate change” have either. All we have are new taxes because of half wit faggots like you. Pull your head out of your ass.

    You count for nothing at all. Accept that and find meaning in something that doesn’t require you to annoy the rest of the world. This hippy shit is over.

    fracked again

    You fail hard, Maggie. Do you work at being ignorant or is it natural? How many tens of thousands of research articles detailing the evidence do you need before you admit that scientists have evidence of climate change despite you not liking it?


    Now this is good humor and what I find fairly typical of the “climate change” topic. If you do not share the popular point of view – you are a denier and wrong.

    That’s pure bullshit.

    Some of us simply want to hear both sides of the issue.

    And for the FFS… no, weather is not climate change. Given a few years, you can tell if a given weatherman’s predictions are accurate. How can you tell how accurate a climate change scientists predictions are?


    What would you have us do? Nothing? Right now, I’m willing to trust the vast majority of scientists that say it’s happening, it’s serious and potentially, extremely dangerous. I have my doubts as well, but there really is no reason to do nothing.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    All some scientists can say is something is happening.

    Until they can say what it is then ya I vote for not doing anything yet.

    Otherwise it’s just a bunch of wasted time and effort that could be spent fixing the identifiable and diagnosable problems.

    fracked again

    Your scientific literacy is stuck in the 60s. The 1760s. We know that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. We know that human activity is causing an increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. We know that this is a primary factor in the increase in global temperature which is driving climate change. We also have a pretty good idea that cloud forming pollution from India and China is blunting the rise in temperature.

    Instead of just shouting at everybody to shut up on a website that isn’t yours, try learning something.


    Which are?

    fracked again

    Sure… We can give equal time to equal evidence. The anti climate change guys have none, so can we get on with it now? Or would you like to hear evidence against evolution, gravity, the atomic theory as well?


    Or we could give equal time to evidence global warming evidence that is faked, not conclusive and / or exaggerated… there is plenty of that to go around.

    I would love to trust records and numbers from people I do not know. Unfortunately Germany and England look and feel like Antarctica at the moment.

    Given what I can actually see and feel – I am interested in what the people who do not agree with global warming have to say.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I don’t vote and am not American. Based on watching the two party system slap fest I favour the right simply because they’re less annoying. Your democratic voter comes across like a hysterical KKK lunatic in the 30’s. Every post I read I picture some malnourished, half educated asshole waving his arms around and trying to keep up with his own bullshit.

    fracked again


    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    is meh nutjob speak for “you’re right”?

    don’t bother answering cause I don’t give a shit.

    fracked again

    Another meh for Maggie.


    let’s see how many people can generalize and project their beliefs upon everyone else.


    The less a man makes declarative statements, the less apt he is to look foolish in retrospect.


    I like all the negative points on the comments supporting republicans and positive points supporting democrats.. Hmmm.. Apparently some people can’t pull their heads out of their asses and realize our current system just doesn’t work and perpetuating it isn’t going to solve any problems, just create more… To be clear.. Democrats suck and Republicans suck… Politics in general.. Suck.. Is it going to change in our lifetime? Probably not without a massive decimation of the human race.. Bring on World War Z so we can refocus our resources where they are needed and not where a bunch of aging asshats want them…


    Oh lookie… I have a -1 on my previous post.. Someone thinks they’re important 🙂 How cute…

    fracked again

    Have another for being a douche over a -1!


    Lawl.. you guys are funny.. I’m glad I can make you self-important assholes happy 🙂


    “The Looney Left”? That’s what you’re going to go with.

    Well, all real creative artists and writers are liberals, so I’m going to allow it. Have your fun!

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