israeli tanks

israeli tanks

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    Israeli women are awesome.


    I agree. It doesn’t hurt that they are expected to serve their country right when they hit adulthood (I’d make a ‘nom!’ comment, but I’ve finally hit the age where 18-22 year old women aren’t as nom as they once were). Plus them being the nation with the most women in the military (women in positions of strength, now that’s still nom-worthy for me). What I don’t get is that the majority of the Jewish women that I know (I know, Jewish =/= Israeli) have the stereotypical curly black hair, large noses, and slightly short stature. Every time I see… Read more »


    Well, Minority validates Majority 😉

    But Jokes aside – I do not know where you live, but maybe there the “Population” has been stable with only the normal amount of genetic mixup? While Israel has been an Immigration Country for 60 Years now…

    AFAIK there has for example been an immigration Wave to Israel after the Downfall of the Iron Curtain, where Jewish People from the Eastern Block came in quite big numbers. And this causes (through mixup of people from completely different regions) quite a refreshment for the Genetic Pool 😉


    At what age is it that 18-22 year old women aren’t nom anymore, because I refuse to ever be that age.


    I have determined, empirically, that it isn’t age zero through age twenty-three.


    but how do you view 14-15 year old girls that you used to think were hot when you were that age? Eventually they start looking like ‘kids.’Now there are some young models (think Giselle Bundchen at age 21), who don’t look too young for my tastes, but it’s kind of a willing suspension of disbelief that she would have been the same age as the girls in this picture.


    British and American tanks in Israeli service


    Wyrdstone, there is a good reason why there are so many US & British tanks in Israeli service. We send them billions of our tax dollars, and in return they buy tanks & missiles from US & British defense contractors.

    It’s a great plan. Take US Taxpayer dollars & hand them to the military industrial complex, and escalate the international arms race as a bonus.




    lol am i the only one that would throw old woollen blankets after the both of them? sure great theres a car n all but they are both uggoes. It looks like someone took the body of a great looking 18 year old, and stuck the head of a ugly girl in her ugly-age (after cute kid, before hot 16-year old) on there.


    Whatever is going on here, fuck yes.


    Tanks, sports cars, and jews….There’s a joke in there somewhere but I’m too lazy to find it.


    Shalom, byotch, and gitcha azz offa my car!


    This was very obviously taken at the Israeli Armored Core museum, which is located in Latrun, Israel. Note the steps leading up to the tanks, the woman asking the soldier to take a picture, the kid climbing on the tank. Israel today uses mainly the Merkava tank which is Israeli made. The museum is awesome- its got a ton of Russian made tanks captured in Israel’s various wars, as well as the British and American made tanks sold to Israel in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s even got armored cars and jeeps from the pre-state days and the 1950’s.


    She could illegally occupy my bed.


    I support this.