window BSOD

window BSOD

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    This would be an awesome prank to play on someone. Hide the taskbar, hide the desktop icons, set this as the wallpaper, and watch em freak out.

    Insanely Rational

    I’m pretty sure there’s a screensaver that shows a BSOD. Same result, less hassle.


    This, faggots, is why I use a Mac. It’s like wiping your ass with silk.


    Pretentious and damn expensive?


    Clearly you’ve never worked your Mac to a grey screen. Macs can fail, just like any other computer; most of the clientele using them just aren’t pushing the hardware or software capabilities.


    actually, there’s a linux and mac screensaver (no windoesn’t) – – that includes a module that uses the BSOD as well as every other “crash screen” from every other OS in existence…


    Use FreeBSD! Save rain-forest monkeys from Microsoft experiments!


    Haven’t seen a BSOD since I moved to Windows 7. Been running it for a month now. Suck my dick Macfag.


    Fuck yeah!

    Malta Soron

    Only times I saw a BSOD in Windows XP was when I overclocked my computer too far. If you use Windows properly, you shouldn’t ever have to see one.
    Macs are just incredibly idiot-proof: you can’t do shit to the system, so nothing can go wrong.

    tiki god

    win98se was teh last OS that I owned that gave me BSOD on a regular basis. once I moved to winXP, I think I saw it all of 3 times, and those were major situations, like my harddrive catching on fire or something.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    A month, eh? So does that mean it’s finally booted up?

    From cold boot to fully logged in with iTunes, Firefox, and Mail all up and running on my Mac–30 seconds. Beat that, PCfags.

    Malta Soron

    I reboot once about every 30 days. I don’t care that much about boot time.