GI Joe Movie Posters

GI Joe Movie Posters

So I netflixed the GI Joe movie, and it was horrible.  They’ve taken the characters and story that we all know and love, and have raped it.  repeatedly.

The most obscene thing?  baroness being an american with no sexy european accent.  what the fuck is that about guys.


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    Absolutely horrible. They even failed on the ninjas. Scarlet is a total babe though.


    Storm Shadow was ok, but Snake Eyes power ranger lips was terrible!


    hollywood here!

    fuck you and your childhood, pleese to be leeving your monies now


    Another movie where Americans try to “save the world” by destroying most of Paris. Team America was making fun of this movie before it was even made! lol I have no idea how anyone who knew that Marlon Wayans was in this movie could possibly think it would be good! Terrible, terrible movie! Bad Hollywood! No!

    fracked again

    Well, Paris kind of deserves it though, with their bread and outdoor cafes and affordable healthcare.


    Oddly enough, one of my room mates is one of the biggest GI Joe dorks I know, but liked this movie. He did not like the figures, though.


    In terms of pure entertainment value, I enjoyed this flick far more than Transformers 2. That’s not to say that either of them were any good: just that they were worth the $3 I spent on them at the second run cinema I favour.

    Of course, my childhood contained virtually no G.I. JOE references for Hollywood to molest. My deepest condolences to those of you were thusly violated.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I had probably every GI JOE toy made including the ginormous bases and air craft carriers and I thought the movie was fine because I have watched old episodes that I thought were amazing with I was 6 and they fucking suck.

    The movie took some pretty stupid shit and made it stupid. Different stupid? Maybe. But no more stupid than the source material.


    I think more people need to do a reality check like this before stating their childhood was raped.

    Billy Manic

    No kidding. If this movie was released when we were six, we’d all look back on it fondly.


    Raped childhood… that’s a good point…

    If anyone was a Catholic alter boy AND has seen this movie – now would be a really good time to give us your opinions.


    I was a Catholic altar boy . . . but thankfully, I still have no relevant comments re: childhood & rape.


    I liked it.

    It’s a lot more that could be said about you Avatar ass-faces.


    Um, everyone, please. Go back and watch the damn show. And I’d like to see you try and make a GI JOE movie better than this.

    (Actually, I really hated the ending, since it seemed very tacked on. Otherwise, loved it to death. Perfect popcorn flick, what I view as the best anyone can do with GI JOE)


    Seriously, did these morons expect a suspenseful and intriguing storyline? If they’re gonna be nitpicking might as well start off with the TV shows, since they also vary from the comics.

    Heh, I bet you expected Cobra to shoot red lasers and GI Joe blue ones too?!

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