Joint Strike Fighter F-35

air_f-35_left_wingover_rear_view_lg.jpg (133 KB)

air_f-35_jsf_variants_lg.jpg (191 KB)

f-35-inside-2.jpg (378 KB)

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    These last two pics are disconcerting.

    Pleas no more dickgirls *sniff*, please.


    Christ i hate this plane.


    [Correct me if I’m wrong] This is the plane that’s mere existence defies logic, yeah? Like, as in, it’s already a generation behind planes like the Eurofighter and the Russian Sukhoi? Apparently the Australian government put an insane amount of money (billions of US dollars) into the project, despite the fact that better planes are available now, and cheaper… and the fact that we’d be getting the inferior makes of the F-35. The stupidity of the whole thing just blows my mind…


    The Aussies dearly covet the F-22 and with good reason.The F-35 is considered generation 4.5 because of it`s stealth capabilities and sensor arrays,but it`s still nowhere near the standard of advancements of the F-22 .The US DoD have seriously fucked up by curtailing production of the F-22.The old maximum production was to be 383 and now has been reduced to 183.In the future what are we to do if (and when)we have to meet an enemy that has advanced aircraft in great number after the means of production for the F-22 have been terminated?The only recourse is to through as… Read more »

    fracked again

    I’m curious, who has more fighter planes than the US and is fielding them in any numbers, or is likely to in the near future? The only source of the threat you are suggesting is men from outer space. And if they come, we need F302s, not F35s or F22s.


    +1 for the Stargate reference.


    + (another) 1 for the logic.


    This war on drugs is officially out of control and this plane is complete overkill. They are just teeny tiny joints.


    The Russian Republic has a stealthy advanced fighter in the prototype stage.And I did mention “In the future..”.I`m not sure that you understand that our international relations are not the best with a few (Iran,North Korea,the Russian Republic itself and perhaps even the Peoples Republic of China) nations.Also considering the fact that both Democratic and Republican administrations in the past 6 or so decades have embroiled the U.S. in several completely unnecessary wars why should the historical pattern change now?The Russians (and the Chinese)are all too willing to sell weapons to Iran (with their oil wealth they,for one can afford… Read more »


    Lol, ever read Nineteen Eight-Four? Post WWII USA is almost a microcosm of the world in the book… Pointless/endless wars are fought to get rid of the surplus of an economy that thrives too much, essentially to keep the people dumbed down and occupied… as well as for their quest for oil, etc…


    Fracked is right. While the Russians might someday produce an airplane that is comparable to the F-22/35, how many are they going to make and how many would they sell to some nut job like Iran or North Korea? I’d bet that numbers way less than 183! Secondly, the F-35 plan helps replace the Navy/Marine airframes with stealthy versions. These are the real work horses of US air combat. They are the ones that are on site first putting lead on target. With nuclear weapons, wars are either too small to need 400 F-22’s or they’re decided using ballistic missile… Read more »


    Russians already have the SU-35 that can face 3×1 F-22s and smash F-35s. Not counting the SU-50…
    Ask the desperate australians who are fighting the US lobby to sell the F-35 to them.


    Also, watching those things do their vertical landing thing with the big fan is the win.


    All I want to know is: will it fly in the fucking rain.