Ady Gil

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Sea Shepherd boat.

Could be Darth Vader’s boat.


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    That was a beautiful boat.


    Awww… After u posted that I just had to see why it ‘was’ a beautiful boat.. 🙁 much sadness now… Whaling boat pwns Earthrace.. 🙁


    but will it take off?




    So they dressed up a boat as the Batmobile and went off to fight the evil Japanese whalers.


    And then found out that fiberglass just isn`t as tough as steel.


    Dumbasses tried to ram a fucking steel reinforced icebreaker with a fiber composite boat. Stupid shits.


    Stupid hippies need to learn about Newton’s laws of the conservation of momentum. The Japanese may be in the wrong over whaling, but they can’t stop a ship in motion in a 30 foot distance whether some lunatics have parked infront of it or not.

    I have little sympathy anyhow, they’re attacking other vessels at sea. If they tried to sink, (say) US oil-tankers in the way they try to sink Japanese whaler ships they’d simply be blown out of the water and the survivors sent to Gitmo or equivalent.


    I’m with JTG on this one. As much as I like the whales and don’t want to see them harvested, eco-terrorism isn’t the solution. With the way Sea Shepherd is going, it’s only a matter of time until people die. THEN people and governments will notice, and I don’t think it will go well for Sea Shepherd.

    Any organization that takes pride in sinking ships won’t get my financial support.


    It’s good to hear some reasonable responses to these Sea Shepard Ass Hats. Bottom line, you attack a ship in international waters and it should be treated as an act of piracy.
    I do not support the Japanese whaling but they have every right to defend themselves when the fish huggers aproach with evil intentions. Paul Watson is the one eyed king in the land of the blind. Bob Barker is looking like an equal fucktard.


    Sea Shepard, the only charity I send actual money to.


    Maybe they should ram the whaler’s ship with Paul Watson, that might sink it.


    If you look at the video, you’ll see the Japanese whaler turn into the Ady Gil, and ram it. They could’ve easily avoided it. The Ady Gil didn’t ram the whaler, lol. I don’t condone the Sea Shepherds’ actions, but they were intentionally rammed, the video proves it.


    Actually, both videos I’ve seen (one from each side) showed the whaler was already in a turn and, as stated before, a 500 ton ship doesn’t respond as quickly as people think. Also, the Ady Gil was billed as the fastest boat on the seas, yet they no attempt to move away. It’s clear who is at fault and it’s the idiots in their fancy, bat-boat. Those who throw money to groups like Sea Shepard might what to pick other organizations that won’t pollute the oceans by causing their multi-million dollar toys to sink. I’m sure there are more effective… Read more »


    so i take it NONE of you saw the south park episode? this has been covered, and it was HILARIOUS. lol FUCK YOU WHARE!!!




    I reread my comment, and it seems to me that I did not condemn whaleing as much as I would like to.

    It’s an abhorrent practice, frankly, and the name of scientific research does nothing to lesson that. I would heve them stop their barbarism, and would literally spit on anyone I met here who ordered whale meat.

    However, these eco-terrorists are going out with the intention of killing whalers if they can, and (much as I love animals) I love humanity more that that, even the nasty, warty, horrible, misguided and profit driven kind.


    That boat needed some of these:


    Sorry… this is just better!