Elvis Presley Being Discharged From The Army

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March 5. 1960

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    this should have posted today, the 8th, because it’s his 75th birthday


    Why was he discharged?

    tiki god

    everyone gets discharged. Usually it’s an ‘honorable discharge’, but sometimes not, I think his was a perfectly normal one.


    dont ask dont tell


    Honorable Discharge, rank of Sergeant, two years of service.


    Huh, I learned something new. Wikipedia says he also learned Karate.


    Attention! Elvis has left the Army.


    you’ve got to give him credit. he was drafted, and reported to duty. no problem. he’s a better soldier than Sylvester Stallone, that’s fer sher.


    so..Today. if i was drafted-and my peers.. we wouldn’t go.. and when the MP shows up to take us.. they’ll note they’re out manned and out gunned.. this will cause some rukus i would imagine..but im sure the media would change me into some sort of terrorist group..when all we beleive in is peace. i will tell you now our gov is not a peaceful gov. this is why the draft will never happen again in the US.. the gov knows the (most) people will not side with them..so they’ll force more laws more restrictions..more bullshit for us to deal… Read more »