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Anyone Else realised, that the noses of weaver’s avatar was human while the nose of worthington’s avatar is (at least later in the movie) na’vi-ish?

Is his nose human in the beginning and he got it broken or something?

worthington: www.indiemoviesonline.com
weaver: screencrave.com

To Tiki: Wanted to Upload on Internet-D, but i couldn’t upload more than one picture there.

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    tiki god

    yeah, there’s a reason for that, lol. you could have made it a single image and uploaded it?

    tiki god

    also, RE: the post’s claims, that second image isn’t from the movie. no clue where it’s from, but it’s nowhere near the same quality as the first image.


    Sam Worthington’s nose doesn’t change.
    Weaver’s nose is probably normal because it was one of the first avatars made and they didn’t know how much human and how much na’vi DNA they should put.

    I’m such a fucking fan-boy.


    I think you’re right. Weaver was the first one to make an avatar she ‘wrote the book on it’ they said, so it’s probably older science with more human DNA or something. Worthington’s got the newest one, so it’s probably more advanced. 2.0 or something. What I don’t get – it took them 5 years to get there from Earth, so it probably took 5 years for a trip back TO earth. So how come the other science nerd knew all about everything when Weaver had been on the planet for only 7 years (they mentioned that somewhere early on… Read more »


    Every movie has plot holes, some are just so small that you don’t realize it ’til much later. Like Zombieland. Every place they went to had power. How is that possible? Were the zombies working at the power plants and keeping the fine infrastructure in order? How about Star Wars – Return of the Jedi? Sure, the killed the Emperor & Darth Vader plus another Death Star, but does that mean all the generals and other imperial leaders just turn over their troops and the lands they control? Hells no. I mean, they already survived one Death Star going down… Read more »

    tiki god

    I can’t make heads or tails of what you’re trying to say. it’s a plot hole that it takes them x years to get to the planet?


    I need to SEE THIS!!!


    It’s made this way so the viewer can identify more with the protagonist.


    weaver’s not the protagonist 🙂 its the other way around. good theory tho.


    Well, crap.
    I only watched the first five minutes, then I noticed the subtitles were in Cyrillic and I had no Idea what they were brabbling about.


    Who cares? A nose is a nose.


    Weaver (IMO) looks hotter as a Navi than her human character. But then again, I’m not a furry so wtf do I know.

    tiki god

    everyone was hotter as a Na’vi. I wanted to fuck that na’vi bitch so bad at the end of the night, I went home and had casemods draw me na’vi pictures all night long, and we wanked each other off.


    I KNEW IT!


    Oh SNAP! 🙂


    What I think was more interesting was that Weaver’s Avatar had breasts that were at least 2 cup sizes bigger than the native Na’vi, relatively speaking.


    I just read the most recent issue of Cinefex and it mentions this. Cameron said Weavers avatar has a nose closer to her real nose because when they put the Na’vi nose bridge on it didn’t look anything like her. Because she already shared many of the Na’vi facial features, they just decided to use her own nose for the avatar.


    Dances With Wolves meets Starship Troopers in Ferngully