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Two pictures of the band Eths and one of its vocalist, Candice Clot. They’re a metalcore/nu metal band from Marseille and bloody awesome. I saw them live this summer 😀
Eths has published two albums. Here’s the opening track from their latest album:

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    E(t)h(s)… They’re ok.


    i do not like saying this name


    Well if you don’t, imagine saying it with a lisp.


    Oh boy are they amazing. I enjoyed the video very much as well. I don’t think I know any other French metal band, I dig. However the last two photos don’t do her any justice, she looks much better in real life, or so it seems.




    Anorexia Nervosa is my favorite french band.


    Thanks Pants and Lotus, I didn’t think French metal bands could be this good, for some stupid illogical reason.

    Oh, Gojira – “Satan is a Lawyer”, nice. I’ll take that as a compliment.

    Sister September is very good, The Shining on the other hand is incredible.


    Drudenhaus is my favorite Ano. album.


    I usually don’t like this style of screaming but… I like this. OP get highfive.


    I’m generally not into metal (excepting early metal: Led Zeppelin through ride-the-lightning era Metalica), but female fronted metal is alright when I’m in certain moods.


    Hate to be a hater, but these days Metallica and Zep are on completely different strata from what most people see, or rather characterize, metal as. I love Led Zeppelin, Metallica has it’s moments for me, but they’re just not ‘metal’. Just like Elvis was edgy, Led Zeppelin brought something to the musicality table no one else did, but because tastes have begun to shift regarding modern stylistic devices, they’re becoming closer and closer to classic.


    Right on. LZ and ‘Tallica are hard rock and classic rock bands by these days’ standards.

    Extremes are just getting wider these days thanks to influences from early hard core bands like Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, and Venom.

    The only “metal” out there I consider as leading the way are new wave metal bands like Lamb of God, Chimaira or All That Remains. Its the combination or raw musical talent and the “X-Factor” missing in about 99% of bands these days.


    Definitely agree. I love seeing bands like Machine Head, Meshuggah, LoG and As I Lay Dying live because they have the talent to play like they play on the record, and that’s not easy considering what they do. Listening at home, I’m more into things like Misery Signals because they have the crushing melodic versatility that kind of brings my emotions into the mix in a new way. That, or Agony Scene if I want whiplash.



    All That Remains is amazing in concert, saw them a couple months ago. Bury Your Dead is great recorded, pretty decent live, can’t ever go wrong with Lamb of God, In Flames is kickass. I really like Five Finger Death Punch, though they’re more Metalcore…


    In flames started to suck after Colony. Pinball map was the only good song off of Clayman, and don’t get me started on reroute to remain and all that other horse shit they play now.

    Billy Manic

    Nary a smile in those pictures.


    The chick has some good vocals but that’s about it. The guitar is pretty average (drop C? nothing but hammer-ons and bends) and the drums are poor (go double bass at 210 bpm or go home).

    Then again I have high standards.


    I dunno, drummer has good pent sets..

    Check out Bleed – Meshuggah. As a drummer, I’ve gained at least 2 pounds of muscle mass practicing that shit.


    I couldn’t get into the guitar either. Years of melodic and technical death metal have made me very picky. It sounds like generic ” CHUGGA CHUGGA WEE WEE” metal. That said the chick has decent vocals. She’s no Angela Gossow or Elisa Martin.


    Nobody will ever be Angela Gossow, because Angela Gossow is fucking hot.

    Maxwell Edison

    Prince By-Tor takes the cavern to the North light,
    The sign of Eth is rising in the air.


    By-Tor, knight of darkness,
    Centurion of evil, devil’s prince.

    Hats off to you, sir.


    What, no love for Mastodon?


    Gojira and Amenra… 2 fantastic French metal bands.


    I totally expected to hear a craptastic band as soon I read “metalcore/nu-metal” but this is tolerable so kudos.

    The singer’s easy on the eyes and ears also.


    I was interested until I heard “nu-metal”.