Digging Out

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Quit complaining about all the snow, you whiners.

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    Enjoy your spot o tea and the telly at the pub watching the footy.

    Tiggle Bitties

    this actually looks kinda fun. until i would have to do it. then it would suck balls. which is why i don’t bitch about weather, i just live somewhere warmer. ha.

    and why are they shovelling by hand? aren’t there better ways of dealing with such massive amounts of blockage? /serious


    consider what happens the day after, when this method is used.


    They put all the snow in dump trucks and dump it in empty parking lots, prolly other places too. We’ve had snow piles made this way last until June.


    We did stuff like this when I was kid. Hella fun!


    Why would you want to go outside if it’s like that? Wake me up in the spring.


    I want that much snow here… It takes about that much to get Penn State to cancel one day of class, lol.


    It’s 68 degrees F here. I wish we had some snow. First year I can remember that I couldn’t go skiing in December. Great picture.

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