Can you chip in to hold Ted Kennedy’s seat and pass real health care reform?

Martha Coakley is the Democratic nominee to fill Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat. She is currently the Attorney General of Massachusetts and has championed working people by going after the irresponsible lenders who caused the foreclosure crisis. Coakley is a strong supporter of the public option and was endorsed by the Kennedy family. But with national Republicans focusing on this race, she needs our help. Can you chip in? (FEC ID: C00466573)

via Political Action: Can you chip in to hold Ted Kennedy’s seat and pass real health care reform?.

Oh man, I donated $5, cause that’s all I have, but she’s a cougar, right?

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    Thanks, but No Thanks


    I agree.


    I’m voting Tuesday. The ad war is getting bad. The American Future Fund ads are a laugh riot, until you think someone out there might think they contain facts. Coakley in a debate: “The first step in fixing the deficit is that we need to fix unemployment so we can increase revenues from taxes.” American Future Fund ad: “Martha Coakley said in a debate that she wants to ‘increase… taxes’!” I’m paraphrasing a little, but, still, this AFF group, funded by some number of anonymous out-of-state billionaires, is running that ad every commercial break on every station all day every… Read more »


    I think my money would be better spent by throwing it into a paper shredder.

    No wipe your ass with it. Or donate it and wipe your ass with her face.

    I’ve said that this left wing bullshit is fucking idiotic so many times I’m tired of saying it.

    Ya I’ll donate money so that ugly cuntrag can fix the earth. And by the earth I mean America. And by fix I mean get a paycheck from.

    That stupid bitch won’t do shit.

    Don’t vote at all. If you do you’re a fucking moron.

    double post but the latter there wasn’t directed at lotus.

    I was just going off on a rant here


    Exactly. Voting is socialism. Why should an uneducated, poor, unemployed, or a minority, get the same the same number of votes as a Caucasian, landowner, or rich person? Or preferably all three? This country was made for white Christians. These fucking libs are ruining it with this whole civil/equal rights thing. They won’t be happy until Obama gives all the blacks free healthcare to cure sickle cell and create a super race of negro men who will force us into paying reparations. I’m calling on all my fellow conservatives to boycott democracy from here on out until our voice is… Read more »


    Don’t want anybody endorsed by the Kennedys.

    Vote all incumbents out. We need new blood and a break from the corruption.


    I’m beginning to think you’re a simpleton.


    Who cares what you think?


    Damn it. I am disappointed with myself for sinking to your level.




    KA-CHING! ($25.00)


    you need the fucking public health care system, like all the other civilized nations of the world, no matter who is endorsed by who


    When all the negative comments are summed up here … I am vowing to give $25.00 to Coakley’s campaign for each negative response here. Why? It’s really quite simple … I wish my brothers and sisters in America the same type of healthcare that I just received via the country I reside in overseas. I just spent 3 and half weeks missing xmas and new years fixing a deadly serious problem with my ticker (generic heart condition) and I am now out of hospital with a grand sum of 112.00 Euro medical bill. I do this because I wish that… Read more »


    I am a tad concerned about taxing my double “Cadillac” health insurance. It could make my life even more difficult and I really don’t need that. I’ve met a lot of people in a similar medical circumstances w/out my level of insurance. It sucks to be them, the crap they have to wade through to get any long term care is ridiculous.


    I know you think your health care payment system is awesome. If I wanted your system, I’d move to your country. Our system isn’t the best, but I can assure you that it isn’t going to get miraculously better by the government taking over. Politicians like Kennedy have gotten us into this mess because of their own greed for power and money. Please don’t think you’re helping the situation. Please work on your own country and make it better.


    You’re concern is touching.


    Haha nyokki, I totally just read that as “your touch is concerning”


    The point is this…the seat is not fat Teddy’s, nor any other Kennedy’s. It is a seat to represent the people of Mass.


    You don’t think that a family like Kennedy’s would endorse somebody just to be nice, do you? This Coakley person is their stooge and will be following Kennedy marching orders.