Avatar = Pocahontas

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    Pocahontas innnn SPAAAAAACE!


    OMG, Pigs in Space in 3D would be awesome. :)


    Nothing is new under the sun and well told stories are always retold.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    True, but Pocahontas/Ferngully/Dances with Wolves were not good stories that needed to retold.


    I saw it as more of Ferngully directed by James Cameron


    I liked it better when it was Star Wars script scratched out with Harry Potter, or even the derivative Star Wars script scratched out with Eragorn.

    Even this joke is a rip-off. Ironic?


    This joke is played out…

    All this has happened before and will happen again.


    So say we all.


    I hope Na’vi will build a casino eventually


    Some guy that has a blog called Ask a Korean said its more like Princess Mononoke.


    Ferngully 2: Dances with Warhammer 40k!

    ok, but honestly: I’d rather see a movie with spectacular special effects and a safe, standard, fallback plotline than see a movie with spectacular special effects and a plot that was absolute crap.

    They could have tried something out there plot-wise, and had it failed, nobody would be talking about the amazing technological leaps, they’d be talking about the nonsensical plot.

    see: Star Wars the Phantom Menace
    (that’s ‘see for reference’ not ‘go out and see’)

    SW:PM was as much of a leap forward technologically as Avatar is.

    The motion capture for Jar-Jar was as much of a breakthrough as the motion capture (the detail in the faces, especially) used for the Na’vi.

    The problem is that the plot made no sense, and the amazing technology was wasted on characters and settings that were so poorly written that people hated seeing them on screen.

    TL;DR – If you’re going for a special effects breakthrough and pants-shitting technology, go with a plot that is tried and true and won’t detract from the visuals


    You are realy close, but it’s actually Dances With Wolves meets Starship Troopers in Ferngully


    I’d rather have a crappy plot, then at least I’d have a laugh with my eyes-exploding-from-aweseomeness.


    Still dieing to see this movie. Probably will when I get back from my trip. I know it will still be playing. Agrey this is a “tried and true” plot. Which is why it keeps being reused.


    The best one I heard was “Dances with Smurfs”.


    shot with arrows! yo.


    The World is about to end because we can’t think of new storylines. Everything is old and recycled. I blame Al Gore and his damn internetz!

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