World War Two Heroes

World War Two Heroes

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    Where the fuck is Audie Murphy?


    the regular officers and enlisted men out in the filed are war criminals, the generals never go out there in the front to steal stuff, so they count as heroes


    Where the fuck is Donny Donowitz?


    No representation of the Navy,Marines or the Army Air Forces?I`d say the photo is rather incomplete.


    No ninjas either.


    Well, the Air Force didn’t exist yet, and if you look at the back row, see those wings on those chests, those guys are Army Air Corps Commanders. Also, first row, third from left next to Patton, that appears to be General Carl Spatz, director of the US portion of the strategic bombing campaign of Europe. This picture is probably somewhere deep inside France near the end of the war and as such, any naval forces were several hundred miles away and as it is Europe, the Marines were too busy kicking ass and taking names in the Pacific to… Read more »


    Eisenhower is right there in the middle.

    War Horse

    I wonder what these guys would have done in Iraq or Afghanistan?


    Heroes? Where? Hidden in the bushes maybe?


    Patton looks like his patience is running thin, having to sit still for a picture while there is a war to be fought.


    Patton looks like his patience is running thin, having to sit for a picture while there are logistics to ignore and enlisted men to slap.

    So was this taken while he was fucking up troop and supply delivery to Tunisia, or while he was not giving a shit about managing occupied Sicily?


    I think this was taken not long after he rode your grandma, which might explain his discomfort.


    Why are most of them sitting like women?


    I read that as “World War, Two Heroes” and was trying to pick them out of the lineup….


    These are the American SHAEF commanders in a group pic almost certainly taken in May, 1945. Patton got his 4th star early that month and went back to the States in June. He died in December, same year.


    Patton bad-assed enough to be the great-grandfather of Chuck Norris

    Or Chuck Norris travelled back in time with a spinning back kick and was Patton’s grandfather more likely…

    why are only Patton and Bradley there in Helmets though…??


    why did I capitalize helmets?