Super jew

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the jew,the jew,the jew
he comes and saves cents
he comes and saves nickels

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    this is relevant to my interests





    Maxwell Edison

    I’m the best at what I Jew, and what I Jew best isn’t very nice.


    That’s gotta hurt like a motherfucker popping out!

    Maxwell Edison

    That’s what she said!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Funny cause he gots a manorah or whatever on his hand and the star of Barney on his chest.

    Sad cause he grew the sideburns which means that outfit was planned long in advance.


    Maybe he likes sideburns. I like sideburns. You don’t like sideburns?


    in B4 kommissar shenanighenz


    adding said shenanigans:

    Super Jew

    Forced Conversion
    Claiming any different opinions are ‘being offensive’
    and getting false pity

    Pork and other pig meats
    Human Supremacists
    Logical Religion Debates


    And it’s pathetic religious/ethnic stereotype-land at My Confined Space tonight! Get your complete non-understanding of the influences a political minority has in the greater American culture right here folks! Despite being almost exactly 2% of the general population, Jews occupy exactly 95% of all poorly thought out conspiracy theories that abound in America (coming in just above a false moon landing and just below that that every source of media that you don’t appreciate are fascist.). Forced conversions? I can’t think of any religious group that has bean more suspicious of potential converts. They really don’t want newcomers to join… Read more »


    yes, forced conversions
    just ask alot of people who werent born jewish, but married a jew and got pressured into converting just to make their partener STFU up about it
    Hell, i stil remember a couple years back when Madonna spent $1500 on the full karballah set for Brittney Spears, then went full psycho when Spears refused to convert

    fracked again

    Oh, that must be a secondary definition of forced that I (and authors of dictionaries) are unaware of.


    pressuring another until they give in and go against their natural ideals is a form of forced
    just like good old USA in iraq,
    but,….that democracy wasn’t forced by your definition was it

    back on topic
    I knew a russian guy who was loyal to his russian orthodox faith, until he got engaged to a girl who turned out to be a jew,..he eventually converted just to keep her quiet, then tried to act as if it was his choice all along

    fracked again

    So… People are being invaded and forced at gunpoint to convert, or they get nagged. Those are the same thing. And I wouldn’t call Iraq democratic.



    iraq is still being worked on
    democracy has always been the most inefficient system so it makes sense that changing over to that system would be about as slow as evolution