Beware of God

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    Gods an asshole pussy halfwit nutjob. Wait,no. There is no god.


    So there is no Tikigod?

    tiki god

    fuck that, I’m right here.




    Or is god that ill tempered 85 lbs.Rottweiler lurking around on the other side of the fence?


    God would be a great name for such a beast


    God? Not worried.

    Now Allah on the other hand… he’s fuckin’ spiteful.

    And his prophet raped a 12 year old girl.

    Seriously, the Muslim religion is like the Grand Theft Auto of religions.

    Underground, Gangster religion.

    Christianity is like the Soulja Boy religion. Black and stuttering, but not really quite rappin – if you know what I mean…


    You realise that Allah means god? And you can’t compare Jesus to Mohammed because Jesus was supposedly god, Mohammed was human. There have been rapes in the bible as well, in fact at one point they made their people rape an entire group of women and children. There are virtually no crimes in the koran that can’t also be found in the bible. Conclusion: you will have to judge Christians and Muslims individually still, hasty assumptions like this are not going to help you since most of us probably have some Christian friends who most definitely don’t rape anyone. What’s… Read more »


    Damn… that is several dimensions of serious.

    You will, of course, have to give me a pass on anything serious tonight. I am trying to kill the last of the wine from Saturday night.

    I am more than half drunk and simply unable to carry on a serious conversation.

    BTW… finals are coming. You should really be studying 😉


    Haha you’re supposed to enjoy wine, not kill it. Haven’t you learned anything from Goethe?

    When I’m at the computer I’m consequently also studying even if I try to pass off as an expert in theology on various websites in between. Ahem. You know it’s funny, when I have distilled sugar flowing through my veins I get really angry and write long and incoherent essays on religion. I feel better afterwards but when I’m sober my drunk writings always seem like comedy. It’s tragic.


    A tragic comedy? That’s Shakespeare.


    Whereas a divine comedy is Dante.


    Amen to that.


    God I’m not worried about – it’s his followers that are seriously fucked up.

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