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    Haha at first I thought the gorilla was doing some karate move or whatever, very clever.


    Akido is supposed to subdue and cause pain without any lasting damage. If I was a kinder person, I’d say that’s pretty cool, but if someone tries to attack me I want to fuck them up royally. 😛


    That’s how the Aikido instructor at the activity fair at my college explained it.

    Luke Magnifico

    Generally I just hit people with heavy things.


    Most of the time that’s the best method.

    As for Aikido, I would love to be trained in it, and in other arts cause I’m a big martial arts nut. Not just because of the physical aspect but the mental training as well. Also, very cool ad. Poor King Kong.

    tiki god

    from what I understand, aikido is good for bigger people? or it’s good against bigger people? I dunno, wtf ever


    Stephen Seagal is a 9th Dan Aikidoka, but my sensei told me that his sensei, who trained under O Sensei, said that Seagal is a bad Aikidoka: “too much strength”

    Ideally it takes minimal strength on the part of the thrower, and a stronger person would be more inclined to use their strength rather than their balance, so a stronger person might have trouble developing the grace and style of a true master of the art.

    Luke Magnifico

    King Kong is bigger than the average sexy woman, and he’s getting his ass kicked.

    So I think it’s the second one.


    I hold a black belt in HapKiDo (Korean version of Japanese Akido), so does my 55 year old dad. He teaches it and loves it.

    It’s all about control, joints and pressure points. They pain ranges from mild discomfort to wanting to die or be knocked out. My dad likes to humble cocky teenagers who think they are skilled fighters.


    Aikido: Lets you fuck up King Kong’s shit.

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