wooden rollar coaster

wooden rollar coaster

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    that’s the Texas Giant in Dallas if i am not mistaken


    I’ve never been on a roller coaster and I don’t know if I ever will.


    Freaky cloud face is freaky.

    fracked again

    I love wood coasters.


    I believe you are mistaken, I think it is Mean Streak at Cedar Point with Top Thrill Dragster in the background..

    It was teh singularly most uncomfortable ride in the park, slopping the riders from side to side and shaking. I generally am looking ahead on rides hoping the end is not coming up. This time I was looking for the end.

    Not a fun ride, and I really love coasters.


    No, you can’t see the Dragster from the Mean Streak, they’re at opposite ends of the park. And there’s no other wooden coasters around which you can get that view of the Dragster. Not to mention the Dragster’s colors are red and yellow, this one’s completely different.


    crap you’re right about the color scheme..

    though I coulda sworn you could look back from the farthest end of the park (where I thought the pic was taken) and still see Top Fuel

    first, last, and only time someone will admit being wrong on the interwebz..


    Yep, that’s America’s Roller Coast, Cedar Point.



    Dragster’s red and yellow. That’s not the Dragster.


    Mean Streak’s ride depends on the weather and the full weight of the train. Seriously, ride it sometime when it’s hot and very humid, and then ride it in the fall when it’s cold and dry; completely different ride experience.


    i thought it looked like Cedar Point, but i’ve never seen a wood coaster in Texas.


    It looks like the one at Six Flags New England


    I got wood when I saw this picture.


    That’s a nice brown pool of sludge ya got there.

    (I know it’s just the reflection)


    Having been lucky enough to ride both, this is the Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. The blue loop is the Mr. Freeze while the track on the right belongs to the Titan.


    Surprisingly, that’s not far from my home.


    The wooden coaster is El Toro, the tall steel one in the background is Kingda Ka.

    The park is Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, or as Kisama said, Six Flags New England.

    If you think otherwise, look it up. I guarantee it.


    Well then. This would make it one of the few roller coasters I’ve actually ridden.


    This man speaks truth. I’ve ridden El Toro. It’s awesome. Rather than the “clack clack clack” on the ride, it’s just a smooth pull until you get to the first drop. Which, I may add, is 70 fucking degrees. I still haven’t gotten the nerve to ride Kingda Ka. I have intense vertigo.


    Whenever I watch anything in an IMAX theater I feel like I’m on a roller coaster. Vertigo sux.


    I will never get on another roller coaster again. I did the cyclone one at Coney Island and never have been so terrified in my life.


    The Texas Giant in Arlington is bigger than this, if I’m not mistaken. I’m pretty sure it’s also nowhere near a puddle, but it’s been a while since I’ve been there.

    mumm ra

    You may not believe me, but I had a dream of this coaster years ago. It’s so weird because I never been there or even seen a picture of this place. The pic is at the same angle that i saw it in my dream. I must go there to fulfill my destiny. Be it bad or good.


    rollar coaster –> roller coaster