urine in bottles thrown out windows is disgusting

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    Only male guests, though. Escorting female guests anywhere is punishable by death.


    girl’s dormitory? or whorehouse without bathrooms?


    I don’t get it. The only people I’ve heard of throwing urine out windows is truckers and it is disgusting, but that doesn’t seem to be what they’re talking about here.


    My guess… girl’s dormitory.


    A very localized issue, I imagine. Where is it that there are men guests allowed into a women’s dorm, where it’s that hard for the guy to use a bathroom?


    I always thought the green Gatorade was urine.


    I work as a manager of a Residence Hall (Dorm) and we have had issues the past three summers with football players too lazy to walk down the halls and instead peeing in bottles and throwing them out the window. We even had a student save his urine in big bottles (think water cooler bottles) and then dump them down the hallway, causing over $20k worth of damage. There’s something about college age dudes and pee!

    fracked again

    I hear from my students that the jocks in the sports dorm piss all over the water fountains. Anybody needing a quick drink is drinking from somewhere these idiots have pissed. I’m personally waiting for an outbreak of some lovely disease…


    I really don’t want to know this shit. Why are people so disgusting?

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