neil patrick harris

neil patrick harris

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    is that Aragorn’s sword?


    Looks more like King Arthurs.


    broadsword with a touch of the ol gaelic royalty


    NPH, so… wait for it… awesome.


    He is awesome in How I met Your Mother. Ironic that a gay guy plays a womanizer that has slept with 200 women


    It is because he is that sleazy guy that people accept him in the role. Imagine having an out and proud gay man playing the romantic heterosexual lead how many would buy it? Neil gets to play the over-the-top, ridiculous character we’ve always accepted gay actors to play. He’s just not picking up dudes in the show, he’s gallavanting about and that somehow gets his character women.


    New Wallpaper!


    Awesome Barney is Awesome!


    from Doogie Hauser to total fag
    how he has fallen


    Would you care to enlighten us as to what your personal mission in life is?


    Doogie HOWser was a four season long family drama that ended sixteen years ago. Harris is one of the most marketable homosexual actors in America right now, with three recent memorable characters (this HIMYM one, Dr. Horrible, and NPH as NPH in the Harold and Kumar movies), and is has hosted award shows. He’s likely to have his star shine past HIMYM and be picked up by new vehicles (and how many sitcom stars get more than one show, excluding direct spinoffs?). Seriously, this is Neil Patrick Harris’s time to shine. And your just regurgitating memories from your childhood, and… Read more »


    google nph, get neil patric harris. google kvc (as per your name), get a pizza place.

    i think you lose.


    Every gay man and straight woman wants him. Hard.

    Alexis Rose

    I agree 😀

    Miss D

    ’tis such a shame he’s gay. He’s funny, hot, intelligent.

    And that voice…mmmmmmmm


    Don’t care that NPH is gay, Barney Stinson is one of the few characters on TV that consistently makes me literally laugh out loud. And Dr Horrible was and is still awesome.


    yes he plays his parts in tv and movies well but that doesnt change what he is offscreen
    yes NPH was good on things like How i met your mother, or Doogie Hauser, and even Starship Troopers, doesnt stop me from wanting to take a leak on him in the real world
    same issue with Ian McKellen, he played well in Xmen and Apt Pupil but he’d still be a walking urinal for me to use


    I’m sorry for you that gay man threaten your insecure sexuality.
    NPH and McKellen are great persons, they are not going to ask you to sleep with them, so why does it matter what sexual orientation they have?


    lorenzo von matternhorn (am i spelling it correctly?lol:D)


    Gosh, NPH, I would do things to you.

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