imperial soldiers

imperial soldiers

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    Flashlights: The weapon of choice in the 40,000th century.

    tiki god

    in the wh40k universe, the weapons you’re issued in the human empire are based on how worthy you are to the empire.

    imperial soldiers get flashlights and a cheese grater.

    space marines get bolters and chainsaw guns.


    That armor is impractical.


    Better than no armour save!


    A cutlass in the future. How useful.


    No lasers?


    One on the viewer’s right is holding a lasgun, its basically as powerful as the pointers used in professional presentations. Basically, he’d be better off actually using the cutlass.


    The Kasrkin Sgt on the right is holding a Hotshot lasgun, which is basically a decent strength, armor piercing blast of light and wielding a power sword. Both put the FUCK in FUCK YOU!


    I beat a 1800 point Necron Army with a my light infantry IG in a Cities of Death game. No battle tanks, no special characters, one Basilisk and over a hundred IG troopers with nothing more than a lasgun in their hands, bravery in their hearts and a prayer to the Emperor for the Man on their lips.

    It was glorious.

    Luke Magnifico

    But the sheer, raw cynicism on their faces is the most powerful weapon of all.

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